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[PDF] The Ruins of Anthalas By Richard Fox – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Ruins of Anthalas By Richard Fox ➮ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk An alternate cover edition can be found hereAn ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity's survival An ember of mankind endured the Xaros invastion those who remain are too weak to defeat the alienâ An alternate cover edition can be found hereAn ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity's survival An ember of mankind endured the Xaros invastion those who remain are too weak to defeat the alien’s inevitable return The key to rebuilding Earth’s defenses lies within a cryptic message from a long lost alien race one deep behind enemy lines One of the last strike carriers The Ruins Kindle - the Breitenfeld journeys to the distant world and learns that humanity isn’t the only power interested in the planet's secrets Do The Ruins of Anthalas hold an ancient treasure or a deadly trap The Ruins of Anthalas is the second book in THE EMBER WAR SAGA a military sci fi space opera If you like David Weber and John Ringo with a touch of Isaac Asimov then you’ll love this fast paced and captivating adventure where humanity survives at the edge of a knife Join in the epic series today A with Richard Fox What's in store for the crew of the Breitenfeld The war with the Xaros is far from over In this story we'll meet new enemies new allies and learn that Marc Ibarra isn't done manipulating the human race There's plenty of action intrigue and scifi adventure but on a much larger scale as the war grows to include the Alliance that saved humanity from the Xaros invasion If this was a movie what would it be rated Still PG for and wartime violence some language When can we expect the next adventure Book tentative title BLOOD OF HEROES will be out around Thanksgiving .

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  1. Trish R. Trish R. says:

    THE RUINS OF ANTHALASSo they battled the Xaros in the first book and I thought they took care of them BUT they show up again in book 9 when according to the books blurb they finally get all that’s coming to them Yeah that’s not gonna happen for me I can’t read 9 books of battles I’ll stick with this one with the Xaros that were left to guard Anthalas the dead Shanishol that had lived there and the Toth who wanted to kill everyone just like the Xaros did Again one battle after another Oh and the Karigole who were helping the humansI finished this book and it was a little better than the first one BUT I just can’t read the next 7 books I don’t mind when an author write 2 or 3 or 4 books in a series with cliffhanger like endings but I can’t read 9 I’ve read as many as 10 to 15 books in a series but they weren’t cliffhangers Maybe you wouldn’t call them a cliffhanger but they are without endings LOL life’s too shortThe heroes were all fabulous Some were still alive when these two books ended and some had gotten killedNo sex and no swearing to speak of And that reminds me the non swearing is a real bummer Whenever I buy a book and it’s downloaded to my iPad I immediately search for fuck shit damn hell and goddammit If these words aren’t said in terrifying situations then I know it’s just not going to sound right and it didn’t It simply isn’t real life to me But then I’m Miss Potty MouthAs to the narration Luke Daniels is simply awesome His voices are great and his emotions while reading are spectacular

  2. Marti Marti says:

    A good military story with lots of battles and lots of aliens The characters at least the human ones seem real and many are heroic I was disappointed that the whole alien agenda ended up being completely mysterious and probably won’t be resolved for seven books

  3. Laurence Laurence says:

    Where the first was weak with just enough to suggest possible improvement the second confirmed that the tenuous first was a fluke DNF at 50%

  4. Barbara Dunbar Barbara Dunbar says:

    The Ruins of AnthalasThis second book on the Ember War Saga continues with skirmishes and frightening missions that keep them fighting the Xaros who annihilate intelligent life

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Really Good Space OperaI liked this book The storyline is entertaining and the characters believable In some ways it reminds me of Heinlein yet in other ways I think of HubbardI Highly Recommend this Series

  6. Jim Jim says:

    I really like reading a military science fiction series especially when two or three books are already written That’s the case when I found “The Ember War” series I’ve read and reviewed the first book “The Ember War” and now I’ve just finished the second This book pretty much carries on where the previous book left off which is always goodHaving saved what remains of Humanity they now have to prepare for the next visit by the Xaros That probably won’t happen in a hundred or years but when they came and the Earth had over 7 billion people that didn’t stop them from almost wiping out every last one Humanities population is now around 400 or I think that’s the number in the Earth remaining fleet But first they need to find something that will help them to fight against the Xaros That something just might still exist on the planet Anthalas so the Breitenfeld is going to go exploringIt seems that the previous occupants of Anthalas were left alone since they were already extinct when the Xaros arrived in their solar system The Xaros have a strange habit of not doing anything to the remains of ancient civilizations Earth’s Central Command believes there may be some advanced weapons or other advanced items left behind by the Anthalasians They decided to send the Breitenfield to have a look; this is recon only and the ship is not to engage in combat if it can be avoided The Xaros are not currently in the Anthalas system and aren’t expected back anytime soon The Breitenfield doesn’t want to attract any attention if at all possible; get in find what’s left collect it and get outUnfortunately nothing is ever so easy The Toth have arrived with the same idea only they are or were working with the Xaros The Toth are the sworn enemy of the Karigole an alien race now allied with humanity So now Alliance Marines must not only fight off the Xaros but the Toth also This battlefield is getting crowded Lots of military action Some characters get taken out with serious wounds and some new characters get introduced We find out about Marc Issac’s Granddaughter Stacy and she appears to be a key player in all of this storyI’m already on to the third book since I can’t really find anything interesting right now I think you’ll enjoy the series Some of the characters are beginning to have a history and we’re learning a little about the leaders in this book There certainly not very many humans left so they have to find some thing to help them fight off what could be millions of Xaros drones in the next battle for Earth

  7. Shelly Singhal Shelly Singhal says:

    FunThis book moved really fast and was fun to read Some of the battle scenes were hard to follow but I really enjoyed reading it

  8. Michael Wood Michael Wood says:

    Good Second Full Novel in Ember War SeriesIf anything this second novel in the series is even better than the first I emphasize novel because it is a full length book of 400 or so pages One weakness of many military space opera writers is a tendency to break the story up into very small chunks Fox did not fall into that mistake This is a well written full length book After Earth had been exterminated first book the million or so survivors start gearing up to fight a second expected battle with the evil Xaros make the twelve year round trip from their nearest base to finish their extermination campaign against humanity and it would seem every intelligent species in our galaxyThe Artificial Intelligence is now passing along advanced alien technology from the Alliance of alien civilizations that refuse to surrender and die as the Xaros demand The AI had previously withheld this information because the Alliance feared discovery by the Xaros if too much technology revealed that others had helped humanity In this novel we see some of the hidden abilities of the human race as well as individual members begin to emerge In tandem with the protagonists we begin to learn about the various civilizations that survive the destruction of the Xaros We learn the Xaros have decimated nine tenths of our galaxy Some characters seem to believe that the Xaros are preparing our galaxy for another raceWe meet another race of enemies a race that actually consumes the minds and then the bodies of intelligent aliens and humans We also get some hints that there may be concealed motivations for most if not every one of the competing civilizations uite a few plot twists hard to see where Fox will go but I look forward to reading the next book Highly Recommended

  9. Jesse Fort Jesse Fort says:

    The adventure continuesIn the second book of the Ember Wars saga we begin to see the full story that was started in the 1st book New allies emerge New threats show themselves Not all is seen yet so twists are yet to come The action and pace of this novel are perfect the story slows down just enough to provide depth This is an excellent 2nd book in a series that has great promise 4 12 stars Lose half a star for a few editing and grammatical errors but again these did not take away from my enjoyment of this book

  10. John John says:

    35 for the Ruins of Anthalas purely because of the dramatic slow down from the pace of book 1 There are a lot of interesting concepts in this book that will almost certainly be developed in the series but there were times when it was hard to follow I don't think I cared much for the alien mind control and possession at random times There was an interesting teaser towards the end that we may soon find out what the Xaros are up to and why they want to wipe out all life in the galaxy Good series so far

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