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[PDF] The Sheiks Lost Princess Desert Sons #2 By Linda Conrad – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Epub] ❧ The Sheiks Lost Princess Desert Sons #2 By Linda Conrad – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Sheik Shakir Kadir scarred by warfare and lost love is ready for the ultimate confrontation But his deadly mission to bring down his family's archenemy is compromised by the discovery that the princes Sheik Shakir Kadir scarred by Lost Princess eBook ↠ warfare and lost love is ready for the ultimate confrontation But his deadly mission to bring down his family's archenemy is compromised by the discovery that the princess who destroyed his heart is now a prisonerHeld captive in a war ravaged country Nikki Olivier has her own life or death task to complete bring her kidnapped son home alive Her only hope is Shakir the man she's never stopped wanting Royal obligation had forced her to hurt Shakir and keep the volatile secret that her missing child is also his The Sheiks Kindle - Once the truth is revealed will they create their own family legacy or will it be their destruction.

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  1. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    Miniseries Desert Sons

  2. S Dash S Dash says:

    I felt like I was reading a book turned into warrescue movie like Uri I have never read books like this They are simply not my type But I had not read the reviews before and I continued with the book once that I started it Honestly it was very well written and it created that suspense where you want to know what's going to happen next The descriptions were also good but I can't be sure of that because as I said I have no idea about such places But overall it excited despite being something out of my comfort zone Moreover I knew it was going to be a HEA Had I not known that I would have never continued reading it anyways

  3. Kelley Kelley says:

    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiuesThe feud between the Taj Zabbar and the Kadir tribes is growing threatening in The Sheik’s Lost Princess the second installment in Linda Conrad’s Desert Sons trilogyAs Shakir Kadir and his brothers work to find information to prove the Taj Zabbar has inclinations towards terrorism they find something that could bring Shakir to his knees While planning a mission to rescue several women to be sold into slavery by the Taj Zabbar they discover one of them has ties to Shakir’s past She is Nikki Olivier the one woman he has ever loved whom he hasn’t seen since college Once arriving in the stronghold of their enemy Shakir finds that Nikki is there for a reason and it’s not what he would ever have imaginedNikki Olivier formerly a princess lives in relative obscurity Or she did anyhow until her beloved son was kidnapped by the people she trusted to watch him Now she is deep in the heart of the desert in the Taj Zabbar stronghold hoping to rescue her son However trouble is everywhere and her plans go awry when the shock of her life arrives in the form of Bedouin sheik Shakir the only man she has ever loved who is the father of her son She broke his heart years ago but now they have a second chance if only they can stay alive long enough to complete the rescue and rebuild their shattered loveLinda Conrad uickly became a favorite of mine when I got hooked on her Night Guardians series a few years ago Now I eagerly anticipate each and every new release she has and immediately find myself lost in the world she has created Desert Sons her latest series has everything I love about her preceding seriesAction and romance are hand in hand throughout the entirety of The Sheik’s Lost Princess Tension is very high escalating as the war between the Kadirs and the Taj Zabbar increase We all know just how twisted and rotten to the core the Taj Zabbarans are so there is no limit to the things they will do to get what they desire With a Black Ops hero in Shakir and his battle hardened younger brother Tarik we also know just how far they will go to protect the people they love and prevent the greater threat beckoning from their enemies Then we have the added suspense behind Nikki’s desperation to find her son before it’s too lateShakir has never forgotten Nikki even though she pushed him away out of duty to her country Now her political responsibilities are gone and she is free to be the woman she longs to be Shakir must overcome his anger and hurt over being scorned to find the love he longs for with his perfect partner and their son Seeing these two overcome their differences to work together to save Nikki’s son and others in danger from the Taj Zabbar makes for a powerful story Seeing them break down the barriers between them to accept their second chance at a forever love makes The Sheik’s Lost Princess a romance to sigh over upon turning the final page© Kelley A Hartsell February 2011 All rights reserved

  4. Mombo Mombo says:

    The Sheik's Lost Princess was a fast terrific read Very nearly as good as the first in the trilogy Her Sheik Protector which I totally lovedNicole played the part of the lost princess great She wasn't a tough scrappy girl like Rylie but acted like a princess through most of the book and was a perfect match for Shakir He was the tough scrappy Kadir unlike Darin with the smarts to save her and them in the desertThe action moved the story along with the sand storm luckily not Coehlo alchemist sized and the infiltration and extraction twice done expertly by the Kadirs that I am very much looking forward to the third book in the series It should be fun and exciting and hot and romantic too

  5. Tia Tia says:

    I found the novel a little too boring and overall simple I expected something but it was easy to read right into the story I constantly knew what was going to happen before it happened It was okay but nothing better for me

  6. Kent Kent says:

    Judged in annual Bookseller's Best Award

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