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Download PDF  The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier Author Tom Kuntz – ➹ [Reading] ➻ The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier By Tom Kuntz ➮ – An American Icon Under Government SurveillanceWhen Frank Sinatra died in 1998 he was one of the most chronicled celebrities ever but the most unusual record of his life came to light only posthumously Files: The ePUB ´ An American Icon Under Government SurveillanceWhen Frank Sinatra died in he was one of the most chronicled celebrities ever but the most unusual record of his life came to light only posthumously a Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI MOBI :ç page dossier recording decades of FBI surveillance stemming from J Edgar Hoover's belief that Sinatra had mob or Communist ties This shadow biography with information never before presented in book form detailsHoover's search through Sinatra's past to see if he got a bogus medical deferment from military service ultimately yielding the simple fact that Sinatra The Sinatra Epub / really had suffered a perforated eardrum as a youthThe FBI's previously unreported cooperation with journalists looking for dirt on Sinatra including one who had recently been punched out by the singerNumerous instances of the star's carousing and intemperate behavior including a detailed report alleging that he rampaged through a Las Vegas hotel after he and his wife Mia Farrow lost small fortunes gamblingThe mob's attempts to curry favor with John F Kennedy through Sinatra and its anger when Attorney General Robert F Kennedy turned up the heatThis fascinating record of governmental Sinatra Files: The PDF/EPUB è scrutiny will captivate every Sinatra fan as well as anyone who wants to understand the second half of the American century the Cold War popular culture the cult of celebrity Camelot and the FBI's mania for investigating American citizens all personified by the most dominant entertainer of the era.

10 thoughts on “The Sinatra Files: The Secret FBI Dossier

  1. Ru Ru says:

    Not particularly a story that breaks new ground but the extent to which the FBI tried to build a case against Frank Sinatra is surprising as detailed in this book The Sinatra Files offers up a lot of information but collapses under its own weight unfortunately as this book reads like a dossier of sorts If that was the goal then I guess it succeedsMost people with even general knowledge of Frank Sinatra's life probably have some semblance of the allegations of mob connections bolstered by his friendship with famed Chicago area mobster Sam Giancana There are a lot of details of how mobsters seemed to be affiliated with Sinatra's every move but ultimately there is no smoking gun that defines Sinatra as a mobster himself much to the chagrin of the Hoover Administration and the FBI Nevertheless the story of how much the FBI would read into Sinatra's actions is surprising if not scandalous overallSuch is the case with the FBI's attempt to uncover Frank Sinatra as a Communist sympathizer working in Hollywood and with clandestine ties to the red party at every turn The accusation was preposterous then and remains so by the conclusion of this book; Sinatra was no a Communist than most of the accused and the bona fide witchhunt that occurred during that era always makes for a compelling readThe supporting cast of characters in this book aren't portrayed in a glamorous light either within these pages JFK could not be defamed here but it would appear as though most of what is said is verifiable regarding his philandering ways In many ways this book is of an indictment of Kennedy than it ever is of SinatraWhile there may have been some unsavory activity and downright sleaziness in Frank Sinatra's life a case of being a mafia tied Communist it does not make What a strange period of time in the FBI's history though that it sought to defame celebrities of the highest order in order to protect the country A detailed and odd book but not necessarily one anyone should rush to read

  2. Matt Micucci Matt Micucci says:

    I love Sinatra and while this book got me listening to him non stop it was so hard to read I mean it just felt like copy and paste stuff And did anyone even bother to edit itit just kept repeating itself

  3. Kristen Marie Kristen Marie says:

    Extremely difficult to read More like a research paper rather than a book

  4. Mckinley Mckinley says:

    I was interested to see what the files contained and less interested about Sinatra

  5. Rushay Booysen Rushay Booysen says:

    A trail into the life of Frank Sinatra and his ties to the mobThe book features extensive tapping by the FBI and written reports on this croonerNot a real exciting read so dont expect much out of it

  6. Sherri Sherri says:

    Couldn't even finish it Very repeatious Seemed like every page or at least every other page repeated something that was in the book earlier

  7. Laura Laura says:

    If you're a fan this is a fun read just to gather some info on Baby Blue Eyes There isn't much of a plot and some of the information is blocked out All in all a pretty good read

  8. Kristin Kristin says:

    I thought I would be interested in this but I was wrong This involved a lot of skimming and forcing myself

  9. Matt Lehotzky Matt Lehotzky says:

    This book was horrible I was hoping to read a summary of the fbi files Instead they are lettersstatements and correspondence from the government about Sinatra A real let down

  10. Cory Cory says:

    This is set up like a reference book and not a biography Great book for research not so great as a pleasure read

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