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Free ↠ The Spaces Between By Martin D. Gibbs – ➦ [Ebook] ➡ The Spaces Between By Martin D. Gibbs ➱ – A fearless mercenary and a drunken landowner's son a sort of chosen one are set out on a uest to learn the deeper secrets of magic from a warlock who dwells in the far north The journey of death defyi A fearless mercenary and a drunken landowner's son a sort of chosen one are set out on a uest to learn the deeper secrets of magic from a warlock who dwells in the far north The journey of death defying adventures throws Bruce and Darrell into an entirely different world But the heroes if you dare call them that will have to learn one very important lesson.

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  1. Masquerade Crew Masquerade Crew says:

    MARK'S REVIEWIt's interesting that this book has the subtitle A Drunkard's Journey At least on Because that's how the story begins but Zhy the drunk plays only a very small portion of the plot There's a lot going on with the story I haven't read a lot of fantasy but from what I'm familiar with it seems to fit the standard uest subgenre except the nature of the uest is unclear—even muddled—for most of the story The three main characters traveling together do a lot of just that—traveling Because of that there were some scenes that weren't necessary But that doesn't mean it was a horrible story On the contrary the story was uite enjoyable There were times I laughed and other times I couldn't wait to know what was going to happen next Also much of the time I wondered how the characters fit together I realized from the beginning that there was something bigger happening and this alone kept me reading Plus the world building was excellent I want to know about the history of the world described especially the Order of the Knot I don't know if the author has plans to continue writing in this world but if he doesn't he should I recommend it for any fan of fantasy You may bore in a few spots but keep reading The ending was foreshadowed after I thought about it but it was a surprise the first time A great fantasy readThe Masuerade Crew

  2. Martin Gibbs Martin Gibbs says:

    Shock still hung over Zhy like the oppressive smoke from a thousand cook fires “If we are going to encounter that again I’m afraid we won’t last long” he said his focus on nothing and everything His eyes felt glazed over and he was numb For a minute he thought he was getting the drunken shakes but he uickly realized it was simple shock at the previous encounter Never had he seen such a sword fight and never had he heard of a magical spell that could literately erase a person from existenceThe mercenary nodded “I should have known better I’m sorry” His voice sounded faded and distant as if for once he was pondering the fragility of his own existence Most likely in one syllable words “Ach” Bruce snarled

  3. Yianna Yiannacou Yianna Yiannacou says:

    I don’t even know where to begin with this story I agreed to write a review for it just for the fun of it I was almost discouraged by the length of the story when I first got it but decided to give it a shot anyway It begins with a mercenary with the idea of an adventure He visits a local bar to find a companion on his journey This is when he runs into the town drunk The mercenary uainur promises an adventure of a lifetime to the drunk Zhy if he joins him on his uest It seemed that uainur did not want to venture into the unknown alone But all Zhy wanted to do was drink pass out and drink some He had a depressed soul and was trying to drown all the feelings he had ever lived through down with ale You find out later what made him so depressed Zhy reluctantly agrees to go on this journey after making sure uainur won’t do anything foolish with him while he sleeps I found it funny how many times they used the line “Sacuan’s Scrotum” It actually made me laugh in the context of the sentence and how many times they could change it up The whole point of the journey was to find a wizard and a temple so uaiur could learn magic On the way there they pick upsave a wizard named Torplug and he joins them on their uest north They learn about Demons and all sorts of other things that Zhy believed to be mere tales his father used to tell him They have to defend their lives than once when they are attacked by a group of soldiers – or ninjas – called the Black Dawn I honestly could not stop reading this story There was just something about it that made me want to find out what happened I put down the book a few times and didn’t want to continue but there was always something nagging in the back of my mind to find out how Zhy and his companions ended up There was also another story that intertwined itself with the adventurers Bimb a simple minded boy was being led by Zhy’s dead father’s ghost Bimb could hear his voice in his mind whenever he played his musical instrument Zhy’s father wanted to save Zhy because he was in danger I enjoyed reading those parts The end of the story was definitely not predictable and it seems there is a seuel which I would like to read someday But for now it is back to my short fantasy novels I would recommend this book to whoever likes a well written soft adventure story with many twists and turns

  4. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

    Book exchanged for a reviewPer Goodreads PolicyOur story follows two adventurerers making their way to a powerful Seith named Ar'Zoth Our adventurerer's are Zhyfrael or Zhy a local drunk and ainur a mercenary who is seeking a powerful Seith named Ar'Zoth Zhy wonders if he's made the right decision about going to leave Belden with this young man Zhy has nothing better to do anyway and it could be fun maybe ainur has all the supplies ready for their trip and is excited about starting on this adventure even if Zhy is not sure about it Along the way two traveler's meet up with Torplug claiming to be a mage but that remains to be seen Torplug slowly becomes part of the two traveler's group yet keeps to himself As the traveler's continue on their journey they're attacked by a Gherwza and they barely manage to escape Then the traveler's see a man possessed by a demon and they barely escape with their lives Meanwhile Bimb and Zhy's father Lynn travel a little known tunnel to reach Zhy and his companions before meeting Ar'Zoth Zhy and his companions have been attacked by The Knights of Black Dawn twice on their journey so far with no real explanation as to why it is so Zhy is uneasy about seeing this Seith and doesn't understand why ainur is hellbent on meeting this Seith Torplug is an unknown uantity in the group although he is willing to share his opinions and thoughts about Seith yet goes about his business Will they find Ar'Zoth? Will Ar'Zoth teach ainur? What is Torplug hiding? Will Zhy ever be comfortable? Will Bimb and Lynn reach Zhy and his companions in time? What is Ar'Zoth planning? Your answers await you in The Spaces BetweenWhile reading this story I found at times that it dragged in places where it should have been moving at a faster pace than it is going I also found that when it was moving to fast it left me behind in the story leaving me confused and frustrated at the same time I liked the overall concept of the story The story was told in a fascinating way that leaves the reader wanting to know about the characters and what will happen next This is why it's a three star rating instead of a four star rating

  5. Heather Boustead Heather Boustead says:

    The Spaces Between By Martin Gibbs“We are all complex knots interwoven and intertwined”ainur and Zhy meet in the local tavern ainur is a traveling mercenary and Zhy is the local drunk ainur manages to convince Zhy to accompany him on his journey north to find a wizard who may be able to teach him magic Along the way they are joined by Torplug who is on his way home after studying magic at the university The three end up having to fight for their lives as they are hunted by demons and elite warriors’ known as the Knights of the Black Dawn Why we travel with the three unlikely companions we are also introduced to Blimb a simple minded man who is able to talk with Zhy’s deceased father Zhy’s father begs for Blimb’s help saying his son is in grave danger and only Blimb can help him But that is only one twist of the knot in this story we also join Blimb’s father on his journey to protect the temple in the north that is the only thing that stands in the way of a horde of demons over taking the world Each story is complex and beautifully interwoven in this novel At first it seemed a bit slow but the further I got into the book the I became entranced Martin Gibbs did a wonderful job just as I was getting angry with the book Martin Gibbs completely blindsides you and has you wondering what in the world is going on It was absolutely unexpected and extremely addictive I definitely recommend giving this book a try and if Martin Gibbs wanted to guarantee you would read the next book he could not have ended this one any better As always if you have any reuests or recommendations email me atReflectionsofaBookWormgmailcomBe sure to visit my blogs at can even follow me on Twitter BookWormRflect

  6. Frederick Brooke Frederick Brooke says:

    Through this fascinating fantasy runs a motif of knots and knot tying It's a fitting metaphor for life and death and the four elements earth wind fire and water A fearless mercenary and a drunken landowner's son a sort of chosen one set out on a uest to learn the deeper secrets of magic from a warlock who dwells in the far north Along the way they meet all manner of creatures magic and mortal and adventures The book is elegantly written und carefully edited With his slightly baroue prose Martin Gibbs succeeds in creating another world while preserving very tangible connections to our own world This book is ideal for an escape into a landscape of danger and adventure

  7. Brian Brian says:

    From the snow bank ramparts of a centuries old fortress the warning is issued He comes A drunk is recruited to go on an adventure by a mysterious warrior to find a warlock in the far north from whom he wishes to learn magic And they are followed by another Thus begins a journey of danger and discovery in this exciting fantasy yarnThe Spaces Between is a well written funny and action packed fantasy adventure documenting the bumbling journey of an unlikely set of heros Great funI enjoyed the book very much and hightly recommend it

  8. Dan Ames Dan Ames says:

    I practically read this book in one sitting It's a fast paced narrative drive with a clear and confident author's voice This is the first book I've read from this author I hope there are coming soon

  9. Cassie McCown Cassie McCown says:

    Review coming soon

  10. Bob Fish Bob Fish says:

    Like a bad high school play

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