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Download PDF  The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People Author L. Frank Baum – ❮Reading❯ ➸ The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People Author L. Frank Baum – I dare say there are several uestions you would like to ask at the very beginning of this history First Who is the Monarch of Mo And why is he called the Magical Monarch And where is Mo anyhow And why Adventures of Kindle Ð I dare say there are several uestions you would like to ask at the very beginning of this history First Who is the Monarch of The Surprising ePUB ✓ Mo And why is he called the Surprising Adventures of the Magical PDF/EPUB or Magical Monarch And where is Mo anyhow And why have you never heard of it before And can it Surprising Adventures of PDF É be reached by a railroad or a trolley car or must one walk all the way These uestions I realize should be answered before we that Surprising Adventures of the Magical PDF/EPUB or we means you and the book can settle down for a comfortable reading of all the wonders and astonishing adven tures I shall endeavor faithfully to relate.

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  1. Jim Jim says:

    L Frank Baum wrote not only the Oz books which are still wonderful to read but he created whole other worlds such as The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People Even though the inhabitants of this magical land are in effect immortal they still wind up having fantastic adventures In one of my favorites there is even a sly comment on the theory of evolution Prince Zingle is carried by his giant kite to a strange land peopled by dressed up monkeys who speak a strange language These monkeys throw peanuts and cocoanuts at the poor prince without understanding a word he saysSweet grunted a man monkey standing beside her he's the ugliest looking brute I ever saw Scarcely has any hair on him at all and no tail and very little chin I wonder where on earth the creature came from?It may be one of those beings from whom our race is descended said another onlooker The professors say we evolved from some primitive creature of this sortHeaven forbid cried a dandy monkey whose collar was so high that it kept tipping his hat over his eyes If I thought such a creature as that was one of my forefathers I should commit suicide at onceAnd a few paragraphs laterNot knowing what he said none of the monkeys paid any attention to this uestion But one of the professor monkeys appeared to listen attentively and remarked to friend There seems to be a smoothness and variety of sound in his speech that indicates that he possesses some sort of language Had I time to study this brute I might learn his method of communicating with his fellows Indeed there is a possibility that he may turn out to be the missing linkBaum was endlessly inventive and his inventions have managed to stand the test of time

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    Omg I loved this It was so good to read It has that old fashioned feel as Baum's books do This collection of short stories is a definite favourite Each story was so good There is violence such as A dragon biting the head off a king a king kicking a dog and A monster cutting of a princes arms and head with a claw More talk of a father cutting off his childrens heads etc so its not exactly child friendly There was one story I rather really liked as it was what im calling Baum's version of Alice in Wonderland Its called THE DUCHESS BREDENBUTTA'S VISIT TO TURVYLANDStill this book will be treasured I love also that my copy is uite well wornwell read It gives it that pre loved feel

  3. Morgan Morgan says:

    After disliking Enchanted Island of Yew this book is next in this collection I own and this was far better I'm in the non Oz books of Baum now and noticing they are either good and just not worth it any This one was good I liked the Purple Dragon Can't help but laugh at Princess Pattycake's name Roger Rabbit has changed that name's meaning for me

  4. Judy Judy says:

    In his introductory note to the reader L Frank Baum writes Childhood is the time of fables for dreams for joyspeaking of the need for children to escape from the harshness of reality For the couple of hours it took to read this book I enjoyed the escape to the Valley of Mo with the Monarch and his family membersThe book is comprised of fourteen surprises stories that range from the invasion of a wind up iron invader a big toe less Princess to a visit to Turvyland Why any of the inhabitants of the Valley of Mo would ever want to leave a land flowing with Milk literally cheese islands sugar sand bonbon bushes and trees that grow whatever they needed including clothing and jewelry befuddles me But yet if they didn't there wouldn't be these wonderful stories of their adventuresIn addition to the cute surprises black and white drawings enhance most pages along with 15 full page color illustrations to delight the eyeThis book offers a fun diversion for Baum lovers and fantasy lovers alike40 stars

  5. Janelle Janelle says:

    Totally bizarre 1 12 stars for the book and a bonus 12 star for the excellent LibriVox narration

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    I probably first read this book when I was seven or eight years old when it was my great fortune that Dover reprinted several of L Frank Baum's non Oz fantasies in easy to afford paperback editions Although this wasn't my favorite of the bunch I always liked The Magical Monarch of Mo and I'm pleased to find out twenty five years later that I still find it very enjoyable These stories find Baum in transition as a storyteller; they were originally published as A New Wonderland in 1900 and they were slightly revised and reprinted as Mo in 1903 Conseuently they show a stage of Baum's evolution that clearly predates The Wonderful Wizard of Oz; he's playing here with established European fairy tale figures and motifs princes princesses dragons giants and so on and just barely turning them on their head It's not as significant nor as Americanized a shift as the fairy tale he creates with Wizard but it's far Baum's own thing than his 1896 Mother Goose in Prose There's a very pleasing amount of his punning humor and pragmatic magical logic in The Magical Monarch of Mo enough in fact that you can clearly identify this as writing by the far famous and individually styled author of almost twenty years later Of the fourteen surprises not all of which are really long enough or deep enough to ualify as individual stories some are uite forgettable while one or two probably could have been left out to the book's benefit The best of them though are marvelously nonsensical the adventure of the King's missing head the Prince's fight against the Gigaboo and the fight with the Purple Dragon Any one of these show off the great potential Baum had at that moment in time which he would soon find a way to transmit directly into his own distinctly American fairy stories of Oz

  7. Rachel Rachel says:

    I thought this one was sillier than his other books but I enjoyed it It was primarily about the King of Mo and his royal family The chapters are called surprises and I love the details in it Like how everything the citizens of Mo need grow on trees whether it be bicycles swords or animal crackers No citizen of Mo dies though wild beast can die The names were amusing like Duchess Bredenbutter or the Chamberlain Nufsed They have a river of root beer and one of milk and an island of fruitcake

  8. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book strangely feels like it was written for an audience younger than the Oz books That's strange because violence seems to abound in it People are getting their limbs or head cut off right left and center; an entire country gets destroyed; a son tries to imprison his father to steal his throne; a woman get given drugs to make her temperament better against her will and last but not least a dog gets smacked around Still seemed like a place I wouldn't mind living candy growing on trees? Sign me upbut I don't think I'll be reading this one again It's no Oz

  9. Susan Emmet Susan Emmet says:

    I thought I'd read and loved everything by L Frank Baum but I missed the MMMHow could that happen?Anyway I loved this collection of stories about King Mo and his family who inhabit a world somewhat like OZ but differentHilarious characters who do wrong but make it right Rivers of milk and trees laden with whatever one needs Always the ability to undo what's been doneI so wish I'd read this during my Baum period 1958 1962 but so glad to meet and read it at age 66The illustrations are wonderful tooGo Mo

  10. Suzanne P Suzanne P says:

    I LOVE this book its filled with fantasy and fiction and it takes place in a land where no one dies and you don't need money because every thing grows on trees this book is awesome I loved it so much I don't really know how to explain it it is so great I HIGHLY recommend it for people who like fantasies and fiction stories it isn't all one story though every chapter is different characters with different situations and that's what makes it the best

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