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[Ebook] The Sweet Potato ueens' Book of Love By Jill Conner Browne – serv3.3pub.co.uk ❮Ebook❯ ➬ The Sweet Potato ueens' Book of Love ➭ Author Jill Conner Browne – Serv3.3pub.co.uk To know the Sweet Potato ueens is to love them and if you haven't heard about them yet you will Since the early 1980s this group of belles gone bad has been the toast of Jackson Mississippi with their To know Potato ueens' eBook ↠ the Sweet Potato ueens is to love them and if you haven't heard about them yet you will Since the early s this group of belles gone bad The Sweet PDF/EPUB ² has been the toast of Jackson Mississippi with their glorious annual appearance in the St Patrick's Day parade In The Sweet Potato ueens' Book of Love their royal ringleader Jill Conner Sweet Potato ueens' Epub Þ Browne introduces the ueens to the world with this sly hilarious manifesto about love life men and the importance of being prepared Chapters includeThe True Magic Words Guaranteed to Get Any Sweet Potato ueens' Book of PDF \ Man to Do Your BiddingThe Five Men You Must Have in Your Life at All TimesMen Who May Need Killing uite FranklyWhat to Eat When Tragedy Strikes or Just for EntertainmentAnd of courseThe Best Advice Ever Given in the Entire History of the WorldFrom tales of the infamous Sweet Potato ueens' Promise to the joys of Chocolate Stuff and Fat Mama's Knock You Naked Margaritas this irreverent shamelessly funny book is the gen u wine article.

10 thoughts on “The Sweet Potato ueens' Book of Love

  1. Rachael Rachael says:

    Wow so many bad reviews Like one reviewer here I don't read chicklit Not really my cuppa tea However I might change my mind about that after reading the reviews for this book I don't want to end up all sour and pretentious If your I went down after reading this book maybe you should take a supplement I think you have a degenerative issueI was given this book as a gift from a most wonderful and might I add educated friend who read it herself and rated it the same as I did Miraculously neither of us became babbling drooling idiots upon finishing the last chapter and have remained the same people we were before we started reading it So I guess some people are impervious to it's brain damaging effectsI loved this book I love to laugh and I love to read about the South If you enjoy reading about different types of people and have a sense of humor you may like this book a lot It's meant to be funny If you're the type of genius who might go to a stand up comedy club and walk out complaining that you didn't hear about any important breakthroughs in neuroscience you probably shouldn't read it There were times I laughed until I cried I so enjoyed this ridiculous colorful hilarious book And I thank my beautiful friend Kristie for sending it to me I love you I'm sorry I lost it and read it 8 months later ; xox

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    I laughed until my face hurt when reading this bookI am now reading another one of these books and love itIf you are Southern you will especially love the humor in this bookwhen you read words like yamamaanddem that only we can relate toguarenteed laughs on every page because every woman can relate to each chapter

  3. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    Lets see it seems like I actually learned one thing I just cant remember what it was because it was so insignificant I absolutely hated this book and feel like it was a huge waste of time The only reason I finished it was because it is for our new book club I felt like it was 200 pages of really lame and annoying fat lady blabbing ugh There were about 3 paragraphs of interest on the last 2 pages mostly in uoting others but too little too late what a piece of crap

  4. Aviva Aviva says:

    I picked up this book because I was out of things to read and it was just sitting on a friend's coffee table It's totally what the Ya Ya women would do if they were real people Which is why I love it Okay so basically this woman decided that she wanted to have a little fun and guess what she WAS a ueen Not one of those insipid beauty ueens that's only got the crown for a year no she was a ueen all the time after my own heart I tell you what and she decided to make her presence known in her city's St Patrick's Day parade that wasnt' held on St Pat's go figure wearing a bright green thing stuffed up top an ddown below with majorette boots and a bright red wig Well it was so awesome all of her friends wanted to get in on the action too Only you know not everybody can be a sweet potato ueen SOMEBODY'S got to be the ruled you know? So it's sortof an exclusive club And they have their own guide to life Which is basically be true to yourself and always be fabulous I loved this book So so much This is what happens when people are unapologetically themselves and just refuse to have anything less than an absolutely fantastically marvelous time It's a memoir but it's also an inspiration

  5. Julia Julia says:

    To say that I despise this book is not damning enough On the one hand I’m glad I read it because it’s refreshing to be reminded of why I don’t read chick lit it’s demeaning to women to men to everyone on the planet It makes me feel dirty to read it not the sex that was boring it's the games There may be a good recipe in it I’ll find out when I make it for our Messy Housekeepers Book Club meeting next week It’s for “chocolate stuff” I intended to make sweet potato pie for our discussion of this book but this book is not worth the effort This is on my list of worst books of the year which is a sub list of Book Challenges I have never felt the need to make

  6. L. L. says:

    I usually don't buy into girlpower type of books but this one was actually funny and helpful The final chapter about living a full life provided the kick in the butt I sometimes need Every woman should remember the power of trashy lingerie and the fact that not having a man around doesn't mean you're a failure as a female Each chapter is full of cute anecdotes and stories I said meh to the whole I am a ueen and you can't be rhetoric Most of us don't need a title or tiara For me it's shoes Beautiful red spikes or wannabe combat boots have the same effect on me as a tiara for others I appreciated the five men you need in your life chapter and agree four of them ideally should be gay My husband fits four of the five on a regular basis but a little variety would be nice Before you ask the only category he doesn't fulfill is the one who can dance That's ok since I suffer from vertigoAs I age I realize each woman needs a few female friends with whom she can howl at the moon or in my case drink knit and watch BBC shows This is a good road trip Saturday afternoon book Or a the world sucks and I need to laugh kind of book

  7. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    This book had me laughing out loud The Promise trashy lingerie the recipes gimme Chocolate Stuff now —— and the overall purpose of just BE who you were meant to be

  8. Denise Denise says:

    This book is the worst book I have ever read It was a complete waste of time I actually thought my I was going down as I read it There were a couple of times where I gave a little chuckle and that's why the book got one star These Sweet Potato ueens have no respect for themselves at allnever mind dignity Or maybe they just don't know what dignity is I read SP for our book club and I just kept thinking about all the great books I could be reading instead of this Horrible book I would not recommend it to anyone Read only if you want your I to go down

  9. Amy Amy says:

    If you are going to spend time with the ueens you should do it on audio The book is read by the ueen herself author Jill Brown This book keeps a smile on your face from the first to the last page There is a bit of head shaking as well when you think did she really just say that aloud?? not for the faint of heart These girlswho are middle aged are brutually honest tell it like it is southern belles They say a woman needs 5 men in her life My current beau encompasses 3 of the men which the ueens would say is impossible He is a man you can talk to a man you can have ummm sleep with and a man who can pay for stuff The two ualities he doesn't possess are a man you can dance with which he whole heartedly admits to and a man who can fix stuff The funny thing is he argued the point he thinks he can fix stuff My neighbor Bob is the man who fixes stuff in my life As for the man who can dance since I am a girl who cannot dance not a man I really need in my life I rather have a man who can clean a house without complaint or being asked to There are a bunch of books in this series listen to them

  10. Ashlie Ashlie says:

    What can I say about the Sweet Potato ueens You won't believe until you read it that's for sure I think this novel and the women in it represent what is great about the modern southern woman unlike the past we don't feel that we NEED a man but if we can get one or a couple we sure know what to do with themMuch like my review this book is not to be taken seriously It employs a lot of stereotypes about men that aren't necessarily true but at the end of the day it is hilarious Read this one and all the others and you won't be disappointed

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