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Download ☆ The Taming of the ueen By Philippa Gregory – ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ The Taming of the ueen By Philippa Gregory ✸ – Why would a woman marry a serial killerBecause she cannot refuse Kateryn Parr a thirty year old widow in a secret affair with a new lover has no choice when a man old enough to be her father who has b Why would a woman marry a of the MOBI · serial killerBecause she cannot refuse Kateryn Parr a thirty year old widow in a secret affair with a The Taming ePUB ✓ new lover has no choice when a man old enough to be her father who has buried four wives – King Henry VIII – commands Taming of the PDF ✓ her to marry him Kateryn has no doubt about the danger she faces the previous ueen lasted sixteen months the one before barely half a year But Henry adores his new bride and Kateryn's trust in him grows as she unites the royal family creates a radical study circle at the heart of the court and rules the kingdom as regent But is this enough to keep her safe A leader of religious reform and a published author Kateryn stands out as an independent woman with a mind of her own But she cannot save the Protestants under threat for their faith and Henry's dangerous gaze turns on herThe traditional churchmen and rivals for power accuse her of heresy the punishment is death by fire and the king's name is on the warrant From an author who has described all of Henry's ueens comes a deeply intimate portrayal of the last a woman who longed for passion power and education at the court of a medieval killer.

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  1. Sean Barrs Sean Barrs says:

    I was all but ready to stop reading Philippa Gregory’s novels for good but then I found out that she was writing a novel from the perspective of Henry’s last ueen; therefore this would no doubt include the death of the tyrant I was incredibly interested to see how she would handle it and I must say I was very impressed This is only a small amount of the novel but the sense of relief evoked at his demise was almost palpable Kathryn Parr was a strong woman but even she diminished under the chubby palm of this oafish King who was considered by many as a serial killerNow I know what you’re thinking it’s not fair to brand Henry as a serial killer Well maybe it is and maybe it isn’t but that is the route this novel takes The author has written Henry VIII as many consider him to be; this may not be a fair representation of him but this is a historical fiction novel and not an academic biography of him This takes the perspective that Henry killed his wives so he could move on and marry someone else even if he himself is unaware of this fact Philippa Gregory has written Henry as a man who is full of contradictions and one who has a strong sense of self denial He in essence is not someone you want to be around because his mood changes with the wind as does his wrath A strained marriage Kateryn Parr is the sixth wife of Henry VIII Conseuently she approaches the King with fearful caution He has gone through five wives now and she doesn’t want to be the next he discards so easily; she wants to be his final wife and his last ueen This is an incredibly tenuous situation because one mistake would see her beheaded so she has to weigh every word said to him most carefully She must appear immaculate to the realm; she must abide by everything he says and does to protect herself from the nobles and courtiers who would love to bring her down and replace her with their choice for ueen “I am saying that we have to keep you safe There must be nothing that anyone can say against you No hint against your reputation no suggestion of disagreement between you and the king nothing that could make him turn against you Not even for a moment” Somehow she manages to create a place for herself and court and even gains the trust of Henry’s heirs who have little or no love for the tyrant himself However even in simple friendship she must be careful; she cannot be seen as acting for her own gain as everything she does must be in honour of her king and husband The pressure on her was so high and it has been evoked superbly by the author She has created the uneasiness of her situation perfectly as the tension can be felt so strongly Indeed the strain Kateyrn felt because of this was huge If she put one step out of place she would simply have been removed from her place at court most likely beheaded by some made up excuse and then uickly forgotten aboutAlmost a royal family In spite of the fragility of her place at Henry’s side she achieves what none of his previous wives could she brings his family together and makes it her own She becomes the stepmother to his children in name and in deed; they come to respect her and even admire her I love the way she has been characterised as a role model for the next two Tudor ueens Mary I and Elizabeth I It was done uite subtly but no one can doubt the influence she had on their lives However her situation still remains weak as signified by Henry’s continuous dismissive and insulting behaviour He commissions a painting of the royal family for the realm to admire and in the place of his current ueen he has Jane Seymour his third wife painted The insult is almost palpable to Kateryn but she can do nothing about it And to make it worse the King forgets he has even done it Henry is characterised by his indecisiveness and contradistinctions; thus he can withdraw his “love” as uickly has he has given it; it was only a matter of time before he turned on Kateryn She has to think uickly to save her own life from the despot This is juxtaposed against the death of Anne Askew who refused to submit her values and her voice; it is a suggestion that if Kateryn did the same she wouldn’t have been Henry’s last wife she has to submit to his domineering masculinity This is an excellent novel and it is my favourite by the author that I have read to date I thought it was completely brilliant I have not a single criticism or grievance The only thing I have for this novel is high praise for the well written characters and plot Some may be annoyed at the representation of the Tudor King I however thought it was most fitting; this no doubt will be a strong point of reader division and reception A resolute 45 stars

  2. Misfit Misfit says:

    This is a romance? Who knew? I'm pretty sure by now we all know that Henry VIII had six wives Katherine Kateryn here Parr being the last This review will discuss events that are known historical facts if you're new to Katherine's history those might be considered spoilers consider yourself warned Real spoilers for PG's version of history will be tagged as spoilersKateryn Parr is widowed and lucky girl not catches the eye of the aging Henry VIII and he proposes marriage Needless to say she's not exactly thrilled since Henry is well past his youthful days plus she's view spoilermadly in lurve with Thomas Seymour and they are lovers in PG's version hide spoiler

  3. Frances Frances says:

    Philippa Gregory ticks all the boxes in this remarkable story written from Kateryn Parr’s perspective Kateryn Henry VIII’s sixth and last wife has to endure a difficult life at court with Henry closely watching her every step While others are swift to report any misdeed she must use all her wits and intelligence to avoid the fate of previous wives Although Kateryn tries her best to be a good wife she soon realizes Henry has a ruthless and cruel nature making her marriage insufferable and unbearable The writing is exceptional with each chapter becoming intense keeping the reader well entertained as the ueen attempts to outmanoeuvre the King Highly recommendedThank you to Goodreads giveaway contest and Simon Schuster Publishing for sending me an advanced copy of The Taming of the ueen

  4. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    35 Kateryn Parr the least known of Henry's wives this is a good look at this ueen and the fear and hope she lived with daily My first surprise was the spelling of her name Kateryn for some reason I always thought she was another Katherine I think Gregory's biggest skill is setting a scene she takes the reader back to this Tudor time period most thoroughly As soon as I started reading I was captivated into another reading of Henry and his many wivesI have read previous novels about this ueen so there was little in this that was new This was just a thorough telling especially of her writings and endeavors on transcribing many of the Latin psalms and teaching into English for all to enjoy Her treatment of the King's children was also portrayed in depth she made a little family of them all they learned from her and she learned from them So this was a very good atmospheric read Just not too much new here for me but to a new reader of this ueen I am sure they will love this and be captivated by this most intelligent ueen who managed to outlive the notorious HenryARC from NetGalley

  5. Debra Debra says:

    He married all my predecessors; it didn't stop him from wanting the next oneKateryn Parr was a 30 year old widow who was in a secret relationship when King Henry VIII decided that she would be his next wife How could she refuse? He is known for having a temper and his previous wives have not fared well Most have heard this rhyme Divorced beheaded dieddivorced beheaded survivedWhat's a girl to do when the King of England wants you that's my poor attempt at a rhyme?She really had no choice but to marry the man who was old enough to be her father She knows that she will be in constant danger Not only is Henry moody but his staff and her won staff have their own agendas No one is to be trusted Kateryn has always had a mind of her own She is intelligent and interested in religious reform and in transcribing religious documents A strong smart woman is usually seen as a threathow will she survive?Obviously going into this book I knew what the outcome would be It was still fun to read Gregory's take on the surviving wife of Henry She does a great job of transporting the reader back to Tudor England This was not my favorite Gregory book but it was not my least favorite either I find her books to be fun historical fiction She does a good job blending history facts and putting her own take on thingsSee of my reviews at wwwopenbookpostcom

  6. ``Laurie Henderson ``Laurie Henderson says:

    Oh NoSay it ain't soPhilippa Gregory has turned Katherineinto a HOI couldn't wait to get my hands on this one since the 6th and surviving ueen Katherine has always been my favoriteBut alas within the first few pages I realized Gregory had descended into the hellish inferno of the bodice ripperWhen the ueen is not lusting after Tom Seymour she's promoting the Protestant cause with fanatical fervor This has to be one of the worst depictions of Katherine Parr that I ever tried to readI'm hoping Gregory will return to her usual form next time

  7. L& L& says:

    I read an absolutely terrible book on Katherine Parr a few years ago and Gregory could only do better What I am wondering is just who does she write for? Her Katherine Parr a scholarly 31 year old sounds exactly like any of the barely schooled teen age girls from her previous books She's also as they too were described as the ''prettiest girl at court'' and before Henry she has a fantastic Harleuin steamy love life I'm all for breaking a cliché but the woman hardly sounds like the same sixth wife everybody should know about a twice widowed woman of thirty was practically seen as middle aged to plain simply old back then and certainly couldn't be as naive an inevitable experienced and gossipy sister is provided to give her all basic information about court as Gregory's Parr often is Even her culture is somewhat diminished as Gregory cannot or does not want to explore her studying in any depth whatsoever You only get occasional superficial gushing on learning and either the ueen or her sister boasting on the former's publications My point being KP is Hilary Mantel material This is not Gregory's type of female protagonistAnd then there's Thomas Seymour perharps fearing to mistake the love of her life for some other Thomas Katherine always calls him by name and surname the man that all sources call and describe as the dumb brother of the famous Edward and possibly an underage girl abuser here turned into a romantic hero of some sort I didn't like this aspect of the book one bit as I didn't like a particular scene between Katherine and Henry that Gregory stated she ''wanted'' in the book as Gregory didn't blink before turning Henry VII into a rapist and her precious Richard III into a heartless incestous cheater but endlessly cared to preserve a shiny facade for this worthless venturer Had she been patient enough to write a longer book one that included the history with Thomas and Elizabeth one that cared about Parr's intellectual life then maybe this wouldn't have turned out as yet another story of an old king with a stinky leg and yellow teeth and the tragic prettiest lady at court who was forced to bed him

  8. Vikas Singh Vikas Singh says:

    This is the first book by Philippa Gregory and I am hungry for She is master at blending historical facts in a narrative that is gripping Exhaustively researched the book is an excellent resource for understanding the life and times of King Henry VIII a whimsical and sadist ruler The book also details the fight between the Catholics and the Protestants and the political interference by the religious leaders Excellent read

  9. Sonja Arlow Sonja Arlow says:

    I have finally figured it out I am not really drawn to reading kings and ueens books but give them to me in audio and I will run a mile to get itAs always my ignorance astounds me as I didn’t know anything about Katherine Parr other than that she was an intellectual and Henry’s 6th wife I had to practice all my restraint to not to google Katherine Parr while listening to find out what happens So her shock was my shock her anger mine and because of this the whole listening experience was a lot edge of my seat than had I known the outcome I was amazed to find out that Katherine Parr was the first woman to ever have anything published in her own name that she was an avid scholar in her later years and just how close she came to follow the bloody footsteps of her predecessors She came across as one of the few wives of Henry who genuinely wanted to be a good wife and she was also the only of the later ueens that was able to bring all 3 of Henry’s children to court and create a proper familyNow Henry was the bi polar paranoid and misogynistic narcissist we have all come to know and loath throughout Phillipa Gregory books but at times I actually felt some compassion for him I also listened to the author’s note at the end something I don’t always do and it was helpful to know what was fact and what was embellishment The vivid descriptions of Henry’s foul odour bloated body and fetid wounds would have put me off eating but thankfully I only listened to this while driving I have only read 3 of the Tudor books by this author but this one was by far my favourite I will definitely be listening to of this author’s books on audio

  10. Erin Clemence Erin Clemence says:

    “The Taming of the ueen” by Philippa Gregory tells the story of Henry VIII last wife Kateryn Parr At thirty years old and widowed once before Kateryn is surprised when she realizes she is to become the King’s new ueen Kateryn knows that the King has had—and lost—four wives before her and she is aware of how they met their untimely ends Kateryn must be conscious and aware of her actions and words like never before including ensuring the King does not find out about her secret love with sailor Thomas Seymour Kateryn takes to power well becoming the first woman to publish under her own name and becoming a leader in religious reform trying to sway England into the proper religious control However this makes her an instant target for the high powered religious leaders who also have the ear of the King Can Kateryn use her intelligence and power to keep her head literally? This novel is the eleventh in the Tudor and Plantagenet series although the great thing about this series is that it is completely unnecessary to read all of these novels in order to follow along Each of these novels focuses on a branch of this particular family tree I enjoyed reading about Kateryn Parr the relatively unknown and obscure last wife of Henry the Eighth Brilliant manipulative and beautiful she is able to keep the favour of the fickle King at great cost King Henry is featured as he is in all the other books a great narcissistic monster with a fickle mind that bends depending on his moods It absolutely makes me one hundred percent grateful that I am a woman in this century Having had to live a uiet life of obedience would not have boded well with me which really just enhances my awe and respect for all of Henry’s ueens Katetyn Parr earning the highest level of respect The research and effort put into Gregory’s books impress me and I always feel like I’m learning history in an entertaining and personal way Her creativity and ability to develop a connection with her characters and her readers is unparalleled There is a lot of religious conversations that take place in this book as the Crown debates between Orthodoxy Roman Catholicism or Lutheranism as their prime religious focus and Henry goes back and forth often sometimes in the same day which can get confusing but it really helps to cement Kateryn's position as she tries to keep up with the King's changing opinions A huge fan of Gregory and this is one of the many reasons why I will definitely continue to try and make my way through her Tudor series What else do I have to do right? as well as any other novels she sets to print

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