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[Ebook] The Weight of It All By N.R. Walker – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➾ [Download] ➻ The Weight of It All By N.R. Walker ➷ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk After being dumped by his long term boyfriend for being overweight Henry Beckett decides to make some drastic changes In a vain attempt at getting his boyfriend back Henry does the most absurdly frigh After being dumped of It MOBI ó by his long term boyfriend for being overweight Henry Beckett decides to make some drastic changes In a vain attempt at getting his boyfriend back Henry does the most absurdly frightening thing he can think ofHe joins a gymReed Henske is a personal trainer who isn’t sure he’ll ever be ready to date again He’s sick of guys who are only interested in the perfect body image never seeing him for who he really isAs Reed tortures Henry with things like diet and exercise Henry The Weight ePUB ✓ enamours Reed with recipes and laughter As the friendship lines start to blur Henry is convinced there’s no way Thor like Reed could ever be interested in a guy like himReed just has to convince Henry that life isn’t about reaching your ideal bodyweight It’s about finding your perfect counterweight.

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  1. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    I am a fan of stories about imperfect MCs and my heart went out to Henry whose boyfriend of eight years left him claiming Henry was old at heart and fat 250 pounds at 5’10” which ualifies as obese Henry decides to lose weight to get his boyfriend the One Who Shall Not Be Named back He is really whiny and negative when he first begins his workout regime He complains about EVERYTHING and constantly makes self deprecating jokes He puts himself down before others can Honestly bitching moaning annoys me in real life and it annoyed me here I am very much a suck it up and shut up kind of person I have always been a fitness fanatic so it was hard for me to relate to Henry But I was proud of him for not giving up and he grew on me as the story progressed Thank goodness for Reed Henry’s personal trainer who takes a very well personal interest in Henry Reed is gentle encouraging and looks like Thor But Henry isn’t ready to date nope not at all He barely pays attention to any of Reed’s ahem many assetsHenry initially doesn’t feel good enough for Reed I mean how could someone who looks like THAT want someone who looks like Henry? But Reed has a story of his own and wants a relationship based on trust and respect not looks and protein powders I thought Reed was almost too good to be true but I can’t fault Henry for falling and falling hard Henry and Reed actually have a lot in common They both like cooking Henry finds a passion for creating healthier but delicious recipes and uiet nights at home They talk about anything and everything They just fit I enjoyed the secondary characters especially Henry’s BFF Anika and her boyfriend Sean I found myself cracking up at Henry and Anika’s crazy conversations This slow burn low angst story is as much about Henry getting healthy rediscovering friendships and gaining new self confidence as it is about Henry and Reed’s budding relationship There was not a lot of steam here but the HEA was just about the BEST EVER That epilogue had me cheering cue Chariots of Fire music BR with my girls Renée Catherine

  2. Gigi Gigi says:

    It's Friday night and I'm super crabby that I had to miss GRL2016 AND I have to work all weekend too FMLBUT I just finished NR Walker's newest piece of perfection and lets just keep this review nice and simple umkay?

  3. ~Mindy Lynn~ ~Mindy Lynn~ says:

    Once again I found a book that held my attention from beginning to end I absolutely loved this story and adored the MC and his Thor Reed I like it and that authors are putting out books with imperfect characters Not only is easier for us readers to relate to them it’s realistic Henry has recently been dumped by his asshole of a boyfriend who claimed Henry as being old and overweight Of course Henry is heartbroken and took the overweight jab to heart So in a decision to win his douche bag of a boyfriend back he decides to join a gym and lose the weightThis is where he meets his Thor Reed Reed What a special guy Reed is trainer at the gym and takes Henry under his exercising wing I really loved him He was so encouraging and positive He really helped Henry believe in himself and gave him the confidence to better himself for himself and not for anyone else The slow burn of this relationship was delicious I thought the relationship progressed as it should have Slow and steady Henry was just dumped and Reed’s ex left him finding it hard to trust another So it was a natural pace for these guys But soon what started out as friendship and a budding likeness for cooking turned into a loving romance where these two men’s puzzle pieces fitted perfectly together Henry may have wanted to get his boyfriend back at the beginning but what it eventually turned out to be for Henry was a journey of self discovery the regaining of his confidence making new friends falling in love and making some awesome food There is no way to come away from this story not feeling happy It’s funny inspiring and just enjoyable I recommend it to all my MM loving dolls Happy reading xx

  4. Dia Dia says:

    5 stars full of laughter This sweet story went directly to my heart and warmed my soulIt's my first book by this author and what a discovery this was Henry was such a hilarious character his whining his no filter conversations made me laugh so hard It was exactly what I needed right now Reed he was beautiful and smart and funny had a huge heart and was so sweet too good to be true Well he was beautiful on the outside but on the inside too and that is the most wonderful thing in this book This story makes you believe in fairy tales once again and I was completely won by this sweet couple The HOT scenes were pretty amazing too just saying It was very easy for me to relate to Henry because I am not a sports person so all that I am going to die seems like something I would repeat over and over again too At least at firstWell I absolutely adored the way this amazing author described Henry's thoughts all the phases he went through while working out and also the way he healed over his ex He learned to trust himself to eat healthier and to love again What a sweet sweet story with slow burning low angst and a perfect HEA

  5. BWT (Belen) BWT (Belen) says:

    ETA for AudioLight hearted story about a man getting his groove back after the end of an eight year relationshipJoel Leslie shines in his performance The character voices are great his timing with the humor is spot on and the pacing was perfect 5 Stars for the narrationHenry's humorous outlook and how easily and completely he and Reed fit together make this a very sweet romanceLow angst humorous romance with a sigh inducing HEAIt was okay and I do love a good overweight MC gets the gorgeous love interest because their weight doesn't really matter at all and it's all about what's in the inside storyBut I wish Henry would have had a little less attention paid both verbally and internally to how gorgeous and ripped and physically fit Reed is even after Reed explained how little that meant and his backstoryAlso sort of off topic but would it be so much to ask to get a story with an overweight character who doesn't have self esteem issues? But who's all Bitch look at me I'm chunky and fine You know you want to break off a piece of this

  6. Meep Meep says:

    I LOVED THIS BOOK seriously I want to grab sparkly pens write it's name with floating hearts then write it some horrendous emo poety and plan for future little booklets Thankfully I'll settle for writing a review type thingy here With gifsThis book came at the right time for me that likely has a big effect on my opinion I'm on the diet and learning to like daily walkjogpanthuffcrawls so I fully connected to Henry Not sure if it would have had as much impact without that To me Henry was very real relatable and adorable I mean how could anyone not love him? He's so funny his voice through out had me grinning This could make an incredibly good audio bookDespite the book starting with a break up there's no real angst it's the story of Henry getting fitter accurately of him learning to like himself and I loved that there was no hokey showdown and the why of thatReed the love interest Tall georgeous fit hung and LOVELY Dream guy material But the very best thing about this book is that the focus is Henry as great as Reed is it's Henry that come across as adorable and worth winning Size be damned All the way through it's personality that shines for all the exercising the book isn't about size it's about size not mattering And yes I get that judging goes both ways and that maybe a giant portion of perceived mockery is in our own heads But I so get the 'don't look at me' and 'I don't fit here' feelingsAnd as if there wasn't enough smiles and good feels and tasty sounding foods already they then take things slow they work up to sexy times Uno Scrabble then Horizontal Mambo That sigh is me melting into a happy puddle of gooThen there's an Epilogue

  7. Martin Martin says:

    What a feel good storyI absolutely loved following Henry's path from being an unhappy recently single gay man with a weight problem to becoming a confident man who is happy with his place in life and whose kind character and humor even has his hot personal trainer from the gym he's freuenting after his break up fall for himHot gym rat Reed is almost too good to be true I didn't find a single flaw about him which might literally be the only weakness in this story Everything else was pure heaven and a great reminder that we are in charge of our lives and can make a change if we only want it enoughSure we don't have a hot personal trainer like Reed who gets REALLY personal with us but stillAmazing characters amazing storyAnd even though she only got a very small role in the story I absolutely loved Henry's mom who keeps freuenting Nespresso shops in hopes that George Clooney himself would show up because well that's what the ads imply right? Adorable ; 5 feel good stars

  8. Fabi Fabi says:

    It never fails to amaze me the absolute gems I find sitting in my tbr list Books that for some crazy ass reason I haven't made time forThe MM Romance group March Mini Monthly Gang Bang challenge brought this gem to the top of my tbr Thank you Saturnine for picking this wonderful book for me to read this monthI have choked coughed snorted and cried in an effort to not laugh out loud while reading this book It was all in vain the laughter peeled out of my lungs and belly like there was no resistanceHenry Beckett has no filter between his brain and mouth Words just sort of tumble out Sometimes he doesn't even realize he has spoken out loud I loved him I loved his humor I loved his perseverance I loved his kind and gentle heartI also loved his personal trainer Reed Henske When I wasn't laughing at Henry admittedly not often I was drooling over the Chris Hemsworth look alike Reed But unlike Chris I got to know Reed on a personal level He is even beautiful on the inside than he is on the outside Hard to imagine isn't it?NR Walker did imagine it Then she shared it with us Over the past year or so I have read so many of her beautiful stories She has become one of my favorite authors and an auto buy for anything she publishes

  9. Renée Renée says:

    45 starsI really adored this book I'm always a Walker fan but there's something to be said when any author writes an MC whom you personally can relate to And I related to Henry all over the placeHenry's partner of 8 years ups and leaves him with a nice parting shot about how he's gotten fat Douchebag Henry takes a good look at himself in the mirror and later the scale and realized that he does want to lose some weight and be healthier Enter Reed the ripped smokin' hot Personal Trainer at Henry's local gymHenry and Reed hit it off immediately Not in the form of romance but just two people who enjoy talking Friendly and platonic Later as they transition into friends who hang out outside of the gym Henry realizes he may have a bit of a crush on Reed The best part of the story was how realistic Henry's insecurities were over the differences in looks there were between he and Reed Who wouldn't? I've personally always been a tad on the overweight side of the scale so I can appreciate where Henry was coming from when he wondered why Reed Mr Six Pack Abs and Cantaloupe Biceps would even look his way Reed was perfect Almost too perfect He had his own past and perspective and doesn't like when people make judgments over his looks any than Henry does I swooned over this manHenry's journey to a healthier him was so inspiring It showed that it's not easy which it's not There are many people out there who have never battled weight a day in their life and simply love to exercise And I've personally heard some of them say It's easy Just stop eating bad foods and go to the gym If you want it bad enough you'll do it The first part of that statement is incredibly false It may be simple but it's not easy Just like math is easy for some and not others weight loss is the same We should never ridicule those for which things don't come as easy as others The second part of that statement is true though If you want it bad enough you'll do it And Henry wanted it bad enough This one was lower on the steam but very appropriate This was a slow burn friends to lovers story Jumping in the sack early on wouldn't have made sense for this couple The steam that was there made up for it IMO and the epilogue was so awesomeBetween the relatability Henry's humor and Reed's perfection I highly recommend

  10. Denise H. Denise H. says:

    Witty relevant and entertaining This is an amazing story It is so worthwhile and eye opening I loved it In Australia Henry 30ish a successful Financial Actuary is depressed and dejected because he's been dumped by his partner of 8 years In his despair he realizes he must find the courage to pull himself up and move on Reed a fitness trainer is his salvationCris Hemsworth look alike because he truly understands Henry; he's patient and helps him Henry's journey to healthy living is full of fun soul searching openness and the willingness and dedication to succeedI can relate because I've been in need of motivation to lose weight and get off the couch We get to watch Henry progress and see Reed leading him to a new lease on life This is also a totally erotic and sexy tale when the men get together They begin slowly and give each other space and acceptance plus help each other through the associated insecuritiesThis is beautifully written completely interesting with dynamic and deeply fabulous characters I loved the MCs and of course the best friends and co workers like Anika and her boyfriend Sean Melinda and others Awesome cast Please DO READ this book It is important funny relevant eye opening and heartwarming Wow I highly recommend this to everyone ENJOY

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