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[PDF] The Xibalba Murders By Lyn Hamilton – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ★ The Xibalba Murders By Lyn Hamilton – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Lara McClintoch her marriage ended and her antiues business sold eagerly embarks on a trip to Mexico to help an old friend solve a mystery On arrival her friend puts off their meeting and then disappe Lara McClintoch her marriage ended and her antiues business sold eagerly embarks on a trip to Mexico to help an old friend solve a mystery On arrival her friend puts off their meeting and then disappears After Lara witnesses a brazen robbery of a valuable statue of the ancient Mayan civilization and stumbles on a corpse in a museum of antiuities she becomes a police The Xibalba Kindle - suspect Afraid of the police and unsure whom to trust Lara follows clues pointing to black marketeers and zealous revolutionaries This dangerous trail takes her to remote archaeological ruins lush jungles and bustling streets filled with revelers Lara engages in a thrilling battle of wits and courage to unmask a killer and stop a tomb robber in the shadowy world of Xibalba the Lords of Death words.

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  1. Evgeny Evgeny says:

    I need to mention I received this book from GoodReads giveawaysA Canadian store owner Lara McClintoch is recently divorced It seems to me lately having a main heroine suffering from a bitter divorce but always finding tall dark and handsome guy or looking for him really hard is a necessary part of the book to be ualified as cozy mystery I have a really hard time trying to picture Miss Marple searching for the Right Guy but it did not prevent her from becoming one of the most famous female sleuths by the wayAnyway Lara receives a mysterious phone call from her Mexican friend who happened to be an archeologist He hints he is on a hot trail of something and invites her to come to a Mexican town full of Mayan history to help him in the search The moment she arrives the dead bodies start popping up left and right along with local politics terrorists and handsome guys Lara is the only one who has all the clues to the goings on but she does not realize itI will start with the good part The plot was interesting with enough unexpected twists The info dumps on Mayan culture were short and to the point; I liked them a lot and I learned from them a lot Indiana Jones taught us archeology can be very exciting this book only confirms it I found myself saying It belongs to the museum a lot So why did I give it such a low rating?I have a big problem with main heroine Dear Lara it is not you it is me We started on the wrong foot One of the first things you said put me off Nothing is tiring than sitting in an airport and a later a plane How is about any physical labor? Lara is stupid as a log there is no other polite way to say it You might believe Darwin Evolution Theory or you might not the point being it most definitely does not work in Lara's case There is no way she could survive being this stupid up to her current age She trusts exactly the wrong people does not trust the right ones and makes the worst possible decisions at the moment all the time without fail Her character easily cancels everything else what was good in the book Fortunately there is some albeit small in my eyes hope for her as she finally realized her stupidity around ten pages before the end of the book For this reason I am curious to see her in the next adventure which I will read soon This review is a copypaste of my BookLikes one genebooklikescompost1001888a ver

  2. C. C. says:

    In 2012 Lyn Hamilton became my favourite Canadian authoress She died of cancer but I leave two to three years in between her fantastic multicultural series and have many left to enjoy and admire I received no comments when I wrote this and appreciate hearing from you about a favourite novel now Hugs Carolyn Wow I can’t believe how swiftly this novelist swept me away The motion chugs along so well on every page I wonder if Lyn Hamilton paired her manuscript down to these parts or if it was action packed from the start She had room to pause now and again for details A few scenes were glossed over that I would like to have savoured Notwithstanding it is a resounding A and for a début novel I am also pleased and proud to discover this gifted writer is Canadian Lyn’s style stands outOne day in about 2009 on our way out of a large charity sale; the irresistible title and cover of “The Celtic Riddle” halted our stride at a stray table Our home was amply stocked but this paperback was only 100 Seeing that it comprises a Canadian series convinced me to buy it and seek the first threeA techniue I have noticed in my own novel draft is to skip obvious logistics What a surreal treat to find my approach in print working so well Say characters need to visit a museum Just segue to the characters there Don’t waste paragraphs on a drive Lyn builds information where it counts Passionately thorough with anthropology each chapter is named with Maya weekdays Her special touches make this work of fiction richly educationalAnother unexpected connection is that I am fond of the Maya have visited three pyramid sites and am familiar with the Yucatán region of México I knew every Spanish word and ate up additional information Do disregard occasional lacklustre reviews I wondered about them when I first saw a few of Lyn’s novels Trust me finishing this story kept me awake until 430 AM and I want I have never been highly rewarded by an author discovery

  3. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    This was a nice enough little book to pass a couple of hours but not outstanding in any way It contained a huge amount of information about the Mayan culture which was interesting but not always totally relevantThe mystery was good and the book was certainly action packed Our MC Lara changed from being a shop owner and university student into some kind of superwoman climbing out of bathroom windows and investigating cave systems in the middle of the night She also fell into other people's beds uite easily There was the stereotypical bad cop in charge of the murder investigations though the author gave him an interesting non stereotypical ending And a number of good guys turned out to be bad guys and vice versa Trust no oneNot sure if I liked it enough to try the next book Possibly We shall see

  4. Wanda Wanda says:

    I guess that the purpose of various reading challenges is to get us to read outside our comfort zones I chose this book to be my “title beginning with X” choice for this year Although I am a sometimes mystery reader I’m generally not a big fan of the cozy mysteries and that is how I would have to categorize this one What I did really like in this book was the emphasis on Mayan mythology and culture I hope that the author did her research as I’d like to believe that I learned a few things about both However this is very much a first book as well as the first book in a series Not too bad for the first novel of a bureaucrat Hamilton was director of the governmental branch responsible for licensing of archaeology in the province of Ontario and it did get nominated for the Arthur Ellis Award for Best First Crime Novel in 1998 Apparently Ms Hamilton visited the sites where she set her books—what a wonderful way to choose your travel destinations I can’t say that I feel impelled to read the further adventures of Lara McClintoch despite the fact that there are ten books in the series I suppose that if one of them fit into another reading challenge that I could be convinced to pick it up

  5. Mir Mir says:

    Sadly Xibalba was only the background color and not the actually murderer or recipient of victims and the plot was pretty easy to unravel for me not the dumbass doing the investigating but this was still a moderately entertaining mystery I appreciated the effort the author made to incorporate the Mayan calender and it was nice to have an archaeological mystery set in Mexico rather than the over played Egypt

  6. BAM The Bibliomaniac BAM The Bibliomaniac says:

    2018 Reading Challenge prompt from a past Reading Challenge Book for all Seasons prompt xz author or titleSo this is where I decided to stop writing a review on every book I read this year only about six books inLet me tell you whyIt was dullDishwaterI had nothing I wished to pronounce No feelings either wayAnd now I have the whole series

  7. Book Concierge Book Concierge says:

    Number one in the Lara McClintoch Archeological Mystery series takes our heroine from her home in Toronto to the Yucatan peninsula Lara’s marriage has ended and she’s lost her business so when a former teacher and mentor calls and asks her to come to Merida Mexico to help him with an important new discovery she jumps at the chance But Dr Hernan Castillo is killed before she can meet with him and now she’s a suspect in his murder She doesn’t know whom to trust but is certain if she can find out what Castillo had discovered she’ll solve the murderEvery chapter began with some explanation of the relevance of the day to the Mayan calendar and Maya gods Lara dreamed about Mayan deities and used those dreams to guide her actions I am a fan of magical realism but Hamilton’s efforts seemed heavy handed I also thought Lara behaved in a reckless manner on than one occasion I identified the culprit long before she did but then the book would have been very short if she’d caught on when I did All in all it was a somewhat entertaining mystery a bit hard hitting than most cozies though Lara IS an amateur sleuth I did enjoy learning a bit about Mayan lore

  8. Kevin Kevin says:

    This book was little then OK I didn't care to much for any of the characters because we hardly got to know any of them and the heroine made way too many bad personal decisions view spoiler She blames her ex for her trip to Mexico and we see by the end of the novel that he is not a sterling character but she married him and stayed married too long by her own admission The next guy she gets involved with I had long pegged as the villain of the book he tries to kill her she's saved by this mysterious character Lucas who she now starts a relationship withwhether it is possible to have a truly trusting and intimate relationship with someone who keeps something very important from you So she knows little to nothing about this guy Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me fool me a possible 3 times? The reader becomes the fool hide spoiler

  9. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    BORING BORING BORING Need I say ? Well I will anywayThis is dry as dirt and it gets so bogged down in explaining the intricasies of the Mayan calendar that you actually lose sight of the storyline Too much information that really isn't necessary to solving the murder mystery I had to force myself to continue to read and to finish this book I should have followed my instincts and put it down after the first 50 pages of tedious writing

  10. VickiLee VickiLee says:

    A fellow Canadian wrote this novel about a woman pulled into some art hi jinx and murder in Mexico It did have some interesting details about the Mayan culture but it wasn’t a compelling enough novel to have me continue the series

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