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[Epub] Trouble on the Books Castle Bookshop Mystery #1 By Essie Lang – serv3.3pub.co.uk ➾ [Download] ➻ Trouble on the Books Castle Bookshop Mystery #1 By Essie Lang ➷ – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Conflit nord irlandais — Wikipdia Le conflit nord irlandais appel aussi les Troubles Note en anglais the Troubles ; en irlandais Na Trioblidi ; en scots The Truibils est une priode de violences et d Conflit nord the books Kindle Õ irlandais — Wikipdia Le conflit nord irlandais appel aussi les Troubles Note en anglais the Troubles ; en irlandais Na Trioblidi ; en scots The Truibils est une priode de violences et d'agitation politiue en Irlande du Nord dans la seconde moiti du XX e sicleIl dbute la fin des annes Note et est considr comme termin entre et selon les interprtations the Troubles | Summary Causes Facts | Britannica The Trouble on Kindle - story of the Troubles is inextricably entwined with the history of Ireland as whole and as such can be seen as stemming from the first British incursion on the island the Anglo Norman invasion of the late th century which on the books Castle bookshop Epub / left a wave of settlers whose descendants became known as the “Old English” Thereafter for nearly eight centuries England and then Great Britain as a whole would Trouble Dfinition simple et facile du dictionnaire on the books ePUB ☆ Pcher en eau trouble Sens Tirer avantage de la confusion Origine Cette expression est utilise depuis le XVIe sicle Elle est emprunte au vocabulaire de la pche Lorsue l'eau des rivires est trouble les poissons se laissent plus facilement avoir par les filets u'ils ne voient pas Ray LaMontagne Trouble YouTube Lyrics to Trouble Trouble Trouble trouble trouble trouble Trouble been doggin' my soul since the day I was born Worry Worry worry worry on the books Castle bookshop Epub / worry W Trouble on the Homefront | Fallout Wiki | Fandom Spotlight On The Troubles A Secret History Fifty years after troops were sent onto the streets of Northern Ireland a leading team of investigative journalists uncover secrets about the decades long c Trouble on China’s Periphery The Stability Trouble on China’s Periphery The Stability Instability Paradox Today’s Chinese nationalism is built on CCP loyalty and Han culture and identity – and thus leaves out a large number of Dfinitions trouble Dictionnaire de franais Larousse Dfinitions de trouble tat d'agitation d'inuitude de confusion ou d'motion dans leuel se trouve uelu'un Son trouble tait visible il tait tout rouge Littraire motion de l'amour Perturbation dans l'accomplissement d'une fonction physiue ou psychiue pouvant se manifester au niveau d'un appareil d'un organe d'un tissu Troubles respiratoires trouble English French Dictionary WordReferencecom trouble yourself with sthsb v expr verbal expression Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb for example put their heads together come to an end bother to attend to familier s'embter avec v pron prp Don't trouble yourself with the details just read what's essential se proccuper de se soucier de s'embarrasser de s'encombrer de v pron prp Ne te Synonyme troubl | Dictionnaire synonymes franais | Reverso Synonymes troubl dans le dictionnaire de synonymes Reverso dfinition voir aussi 'trouble'trouble alimentaire'trouble bipolaire'trouble cardiovasculaire' expressions conjugaison exemples in trouble English French Dictionary WordReferencecom in trouble traduction anglais franais Forums pour discuter de in trouble voir ses formes composes des exemples et poser vos uestions Gratuit trouble dfinition de trouble et synonymes de trouble TROUBLE adj trou bl' En parlant des liuides ui n'est pas clair • Depuis le fleuve d'eau trouble ui arrose l'gypte jusu'aux confins d'Accaron SACI Bible Josu XIII • L'Orbe ui jusu'alors avait toujours t parfaitement claire parut trouble sa source SAUSSURE Voy Alpes t II p dans POUGENS • Dans ces riches campagnes O du Rhne indompt l Trouble on the horizon or a passing storm? Trouble on China’s Periphery The Stability Trouble on China’s Periphery The Stability Instability Paradox Today’s Chinese nationalism is built on CCP loyalty and Han culture and identity – and thus leaves out a large number of In trouble Idioms by The Free Dictionary Definition of in trouble in the Idioms Dictionary in trouble phrase What does in trouble expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary What does in trouble expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary ‘Trouble on the horizon’ when frustrated drivers on ‘Trouble on the horizon’ when frustrated drivers on Westmount Road meet back to school traffic By Luisa D’Amato Record Columnist Fri Sept timer min read Trouble on the line as Extinction Rebellion En eaux troubles film AlloCin En eaux troubles est un film ralis par Jon Turteltaub avec Jason Statham Bingbing Li Synopsis Au cœur de l’ocan Pacifiue le sous marin d’une uipe de chercheurs a t attau.

10 thoughts on “Trouble on the Books Castle Bookshop Mystery #1

  1. Juli Juli says:

    As soon as I read the blurb for Trouble on the Books I knew I had to read this cozy mystery Who could resist a cozy that involves a bookshopin a castleon an island? Not this readerShelby Cox is taking a break from her editing job to help her Aunt Edie recover from knee replacement surgery Shelby now owns half of Aunt Edie's business Bayside Books They are opening a new location on Blye Island one of the Thousand Islands Excited about tourist season and the shop in Blye Castle Shelby is working to get the shop ready for the first day of tourist season A difference of opinion with the volunteer coordinator regarding the bookshop's inventory puts a damper on her joywhich later turns into full blown panic when the woman is found murdered in a grotto on the island Soon the local and state police and even the Coast Guard are involved in the investigation The local police think the castle caretaker is the culpritbut Shelby suspects it has something to do with the island's history of smuggling Can she prove Matthew Kessler didn't kill the cranky volunteer coordinator? I enjoyed this first book in the new Castle Bookshop cozy series The setting is awesome The characters are fun and uirky I like Shelby as a main character She admits her faults not really liking people etc and works through them She's intelligent and determined The side characters are engaging and likable This book didn't rush the mystery giving time to slip in some character development to start the series off right I found the side plot about Shelby's past and her mother just as interesting as the murder mystery Add in a sprinkle of romance and it makes for a nice start to a new cozy seriesI enjoyed this book I will definitely be reading of this seriesI voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Crooked Lane via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own

  2. Christopher Christopher says:

    After Shelby Cox returns to her hometown in upstate New York she discovers she owns fifty percent of her aunt’s bookshop Bayside Books She jumps at the opportunity and soon she’s living in a houseboat and ferrying across the river each day to manage their Blye Island location that also happens to be inside of a castle However just as she’s getting into the swing of things the Castle Volunteer Coordinator is murdered and fingers start pointing toward the caretaker But Shelby disagrees and soon she’s off plotting her own investigationThere aren’t many settings as cozy as a bookshop situated inside of a castle and author Essie Lang uses this masterfully Alexandria Bay is a neat lakeside town and there’s a real sense of community as Shelby bounces around the local businesses and the castle There’s a nostalgic feeling that can only come from a city devoted to an island tourist destination Overall it makes a great backdrop for the investigation coming across as a town full of secretsThe investigation itself takes some time to get going but this is not a bad thing by any stretch Shelby is a uiet sleuth She doesn’t put herself into unnecessary danger or really interfere with local law enforcement Rather the mystery unfolds as she attempts to make a new way in an old town and Lang effortlessly doles out clues that Shelby could sensibly discover There’s an undercurrent of increasing danger as the book progresses but not because of Shelby’s senseless meddlingThis also allows for Shelby to progress as a main character in a way that’s sometimes missing from other cozy mysteries Some of her own past is confused and she struggles finding answers about her mother who passed away when she was a baby Her Aunt Edie is obviously keeping secrets and some of the best scenes in the book are these two learning to navigate both as coworkers and familyThere’s a mild bit of romance a couple of effective reveals and a whole lot of cozy heart in this first book in a new seriesNote I received a free ARC of this book through NetGalley

  3. LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL LORI (Dollycas) CASWELL says:

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsHer aunt has just had knee surgery so Shelby Cox arrives in Alexandria Bay to help manage her aunt’s bookstore and open a satellite store in the castle on Blye Island She is surprised when her aunt informs her that she in fact owns fifty percent of Bayside Books She has a lot to learn but she is surrounded by a great staff The island is a popular tourist attraction so her main focus is getting the castle bookshop open as before the tourists start arriving by the busloadAfter a busy grand opening Shelby is excited about her new life as a bookseller That is until she finds a dead body floating in the Grotto She knows immediately that it is the prickly volunteer coordinator for the Castle The police uickly peg Matthew Kessler the Castle caretaker as their prime suspect When the Coast Guard gets involved Shelby starts to think the murder may be linked to smuggling something the island was used for during Prohibition She can’t stop herself from sticking her nose into the investigation much to the dismay of Coast Guard Special Agent Zack Griffin She is determined to solve the case and Zack is determined to keep her safeThe setting of this story grabbed my attention right away A bookshop in a castle on one island that is part of the Thousand Islands area off New York A truly perfect setting for a cozy mystery seriesShelby Cox is an interesting protagonist She has her work cut out for her She admits she isn’t a people person and knows that has to change if she is going to be a success in her new profession She is curious a trait every amateur must have She is also intelligent and detail oriented so I know she is going to succeed in both of these endeavors In addition to trying to solve a murder Shelby hopes to learn about her mother She was uite young when she lost her and has so many uestionsMs Lang has surrounded Shelby with a great supporting cast Aunt Edie was my fave She is a strong woman too who hates being still and away from her shop Her recovery is moving uickly and I am excited to get to know her better when she isn’t hindered at all Romance is two fold in this story Caretaker Matthew Kessler is very important to Edie and Agent Zack appears to be very interested in ShelbyThe murder happens early in the story Shelby’s first investigation is a bit clunky as to be expected it is her first but it messed with the story flow in places When she found her rhythm so did the story Clues fell into her path and the twists and turns kept her and the reader guessingThe subplot of Shelby’s mother blended in nicely but I must confess I was almost interested in it than murder I feel this is a credit to the author because I was invested in her main character and cared about her and her feelings very early in this first book She has left so much room for all the characters to growThis is a fine start for this series Endearing characters drew me in and their lives and the mysteries thrown into their paths kept those pages turning I am excited to learn about these characters and to see what the author has in store for them next

  4. JoAn JoAn says:

    This was a good beginning to a new cozy mystery series and I enjoyed meeting these new characters I thought Shelby might be just a little too pushy when she started asking uestions of the towns people when she didn't even know them She didn't even try to be subtle with her investigation and I couldn't uite understand why she was so invested in having to solve the murder However I loved the setting of a bookstore in a castle and the coastal community of Alex Bay so I will definitely try the next book in the series

  5. Tari Tari says:

    This first in a new series was every bit as good as I'd hoped for when I first heard about it A bookstore in a castle sounds like just about the coolest thing ever I could really picture it and the surrounding areas from the descriptions in the book I uickly grew to like the main characters of Shelby Aunt Edie Trudy and Matthew and of course agent Zack Just as I thought I knew who the killer was there was a twist at the end The showdown was really good and even though Shelby had done something that I thought was a little foolish she redeemed herself by doing something smart I liked that the murder was solved but there were still a couple of other things to continue into the next book which I'm really anxious to read now I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley and my opinions are my own

  6. Peggy R Peggy R says:

    I really wanted to like this book The premise sounded promising and I was looking forward to reading something under the new pen name for this author However I was disappointed with this book I found the pacing to be too slow The murder occurs pretty uickly in the beginning of the book but by 13 of the way into the story not much investigating has been done by Shelby Being the first book in a new series I always expect there to be some set up and backstory but that didn't even feel like it was occurring In the end even though the premise was appealing I just found that I couldn't connect or care about the main character and the story took to long to unfold to the point where I felt I was loosing interest

  7. Elle& Elle& says:

    Release Date March 13 2019 Genre Cozy Mystery Actual Rating 3 starsTrouble on the Books is the first book in a brand new cozy mystery series This book features a heroine who has just opened up a new bookstore in her hometown of Alexandria Bay While this is interesting in itself us bookworms LOVE bookstores it's even cooler to see that this bookstore is in a castle I love stories with original settings and this is exactly what I got with this novel Aside from the setting I found that I really enjoyed the characters in this book Shelby is a woman after my own heart and she takes pride in what she does Not only that it's clear that she feels deeply for her family The only thing I felt was missing in the novel was the mystery Sure this book is a cozy mystery and it DOES have a mystery but I wish the author made it a bit prominent It felt a little lacking for my taste This could be due to the fact that it's only the first book in the series and things will heat up as it progresses In any event I think this is a good and solid mystery and despite my need for a little oomph in the mystery department I would still read the next in the series

  8. Kris - My Novelesque Life Kris - My Novelesque Life says:

    DNF 40%2019; Crooked Lane BooksWhen I saw that this was for fans of Vicki Delany I instantly reuested it excited for another fun cozy mystery Unfortunately I could not get into the book While the murder happened uickly and it couldn't happen to a fun character the other character development was not there The story spent too much time explaining rather than letting it play out I decided to abandon it at 40% when I didn't feel any investment in the characters and what was coming next Others have given this 4 star reviews so it may just be me I am picky about genres I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from the publisher through NetGalley Opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own

  9. Betty Betty says:

    Shelby Cox looking at the view toward the river It was a fantastic sight in the first book in a new series and a new author for me The characters caught will catch your attention and descriptions will place you on the island Shelby turned an headed for the library located in the Castle She had come back to Alexandria Bay to run the Blye Island branch of the main store until her Aunt recovered from knee surgery Shelby was stacking books on the shelf when she informed the volunteer coordinator Loreena that the books the store carried where none of her concern The coordinator was later found dead The twists and turns will have to turn the pages until it is revealed Is the smuggler active again? Why does Coast Guard interested in the death? Is Mathew Kessler a murderer? Why won't anyone talk her about Mother? Will Shelby find answers I highly recommend this bookDisclosure Thanks to Crooked Lane Books for a copy through NetGalley The opinions expressed are my own

  10. Kristina Kristina says:

    Trouble on the Books by Essie Lang is the first A Castle Bookshop Mystery Shelby Cox returned home to Alexandria Bay New York to help her aunt Edie Cox who is recovering from knee replacement surgery with Bayside Books Shelby has learned that she is part owner in the bookshop and will be running their new location on Blye Island inside Blye Castle Loreena Swan Curator of Exhibits comes into the shop the day before the opening and complains that her guidebook is not in stock They end up having a loud disagreement with Loreena leaving in a huff Loreena wastes no time in complaining to Andrew Truelove president of the Alexandria Bay Heritage Society who leases them the shop space Later that day Shelby is taking a walk before heading home on the ferry and finds herself in the grotto that was used in the 1920s by smugglers Shelby soon discovers she is not alone in the grotto when she looks down to find Loreena floating in the water When Edie’s friend and castle caretaker Matthew Kessler becomes the prime suspect she reuests that Shelby do a little digging into the case Shelby needs little encouragement since she has been curious about the case from the beginning especially after Special Agent Zack Griffin US Coast Guard Investigative Services stopped by to talk to her She wonders if smugglers have taken to using the grotto as a hideout like Joe Cabana in the 20s Follow Shelby as she assembles the clues to get a clear picture of Loreena’s killer in Trouble on the Books Trouble on the Books has an intriguing premise with a bookshop in an old castle on an island love it Shelby Cox is twenty nine years old and has been working as an editor for Masspike House in Massachusetts When Aunt Edie needs Shelby’s assistance she takes a leave of absence and returns to Alexandria Bay Shelby is living on a houseboat until winter and managing the new satellite location of Bayside Books on Blye Island inside the historic Blye Castle it would have made sense to live with Aunt Edie who needs her help getting around I knew Loreena Swan would end up dead after the altercation with Shelby and the way she treats the volunteers at the castle The murder occurs early in the book There is little investigating by Shelby until later in the story when Shelby asks various people uestions people she does not know I wish the mystery had been of a focus with complexity I found it a snap to solve this crime Shelby’s attention is split because she is determined to learn about her mother Her father would not discuss her mother who died when she was three and Shelby is hoping to learn about her from the people that knew her in town plus Edie Shelby is searching the local cemeteries for her mother’s grave I was curious why Shelby did not research her mother online death certificate would pop up The pacing of the book was lethargic which made it hard for me to stay interested The author is a detail oriented which slowed down the pace an example is making tea—getting the kettle filling it with water putting in on the stove turning on the stove etc Add in a daydreaming main character with a significant amount of internal dialogue and repetition of information Shelby also has trouble remembering people’s names and figuring out a person’s age makes it hard for a reader She states she is not a people person but Shelby is working in a bookshop freuented by tourists an oxymoron I felt that Trouble on the Books needed pizzazz oomph The characters failed to come alive for me We are not given many details on them which I found disappointing I hope the characters will be fleshed out in the next installment I did enjoy the descriptions of the castle island and bookshop Trouble on the Books could have benefited from further editing there are inconsistencies A Castle Bookshop Mystery series has potential which I hope the author will achieve

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