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[PDF] Twice Eggs Ploughshares Solos Book 29 By Alexandra Johnson – serv3.3pub.co.uk ✼ Twice Eggs Ploughshares Solos Book 29 Epub ✿ Author Alexandra Johnson – Serv3.3pub.co.uk In this meditative and flavorful essay Alexandra Johnson visits Viggiano and the large extended Italian family that would have been her own—had she married the youngest son Giorgio her old boyfriend In this meditative and flavorful Ploughshares Solos MOBI ð essay Alexandra Johnson visits Viggiano and the large extended Italian family that would have been her own—had she married the youngest son Giorgio her old boyfriend Now married to another man she returns to the house to help Giorgio improve his English as he thinks about leaving southern Italy and its struggling economy behind Immersed in the Italian traditions of food and family Johnson comes to appreciate her Twice Eggs PDF \ would be mother in law Anna all while exploring and absorbing the age old virtues and rituals of a difficult land ABOUT THE AUTHOR Alexandra Johnson is the author of The Hidden Writer which won the PENJerard Award for nonfiction She is also the author of Leaving a Trace Her personal essays have been included in several anthologies including I Always Meant to Tell You and To Mend the World Her essays reviews and Eggs Ploughshares Solos PDF/EPUB è travel pieces have appeared in numerous national publications among them The New York Times O the Oprah Magazine The Nation Ms Magazine AGNI Her work has been featured freuently on National Public Radio including on “Talk of the Nation” and the “Diane Rehm Show” “Twice Eggs” is adapted from The Saint’s Laundry a memoir in progress PRAISE FOR ALEXANDRA JOHNSON The Hidden Writer Susan Sontag “The Hidden Writer marks the emergence of a strong independent voice” The New York Times “Thoroughly absorbinga savory and satisfying banuet” Leaving a Trace Kirkus “Elegantly writtenhumorous and perceptive” Publisher’s Weekly “Thoughtful precise and beautifully written”.

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  1. Audrey Camp Audrey Camp says:

    I gifted myself two hours of reading time today over lunch At hand was Twice Eggs a new essay from Alex Johnson one of my mentors at Lesley University and a writer I deeply admire Approaching her new work I looked forward to hearing Alex's voice again that effortless intelligence and poetry manifested in a shrewd eye for detail and a light handed delivery Twice Eggs is the story of Alex's return to southern Italy after years away to visit the family of Giorgio an old flame As much as Giorgio and his current desires to leave his homeland figure into the narrative the heart of the piece lies in Alex's relationship with Anna the woman who had things worked out differently at that long ago crossroads would have been Alex's mother in law Perhaps it is fitting that I began reading over lunch one hand clicking through the pages on my Kindle the other collecting spilled sesame seeds with my fingertips and bringing them to my tongue Food is everything in Twice Eggs It fuels the narrative from the opening glimpse of Anna's garden planted with nightshades eggplant tomatoes firecracker red peperoncini hot peppers whose oil is drizzled over warm waxy potatoes And everything we see and learn of Anna revolves around her garden and her kitchen Alex's return to this kitchen triggers every kind of sensory memory both for her and for the reader We all have those moments coming into contact with the scent or taste of a place and time so distinct in our past that our minds drop everything else and leave the present behind entirely the olfactory gland being the secret to time travel Then often once we have found that rain on the blacktop middle school uad or that milk sour corner of Grandma's kitchen in the back of our minds we wish either that things could have turned out differently or sometimes that they could have remained exactly the same Regret and nostalgia spring from the same soil Alex's return to Viggiano a village deep in the Mezzogiorno the instep of Italy named for the blinding mid day sun recalls her earlier visits to the same place on the arm of young Giorgio A time of almosts Of younger motivations Of instant gratification and ecstasy and a reproving potential mother in law Alex makes her reader feel the danger and beauty of Viggiano It is a hot dry place The hillsides are barren remote hard deceptive It is not ground I expect much from but when locals scour the same hillsides they come up with honey It is in this sun baked village that she might have made another choice turned a down a different road Crossroads are the main concern of the narrative and Twice Eggs does what solid powerful essays are supposed to do present something in common with the reader in an uncommon realm then slice open the moments and places and interactions for observation and set them out to dry in the sun under crystals of salt Such common ground in this case includes the beauty of being chosen and accepted by another family the impact of myriad superstitions on everyday life and even in the contented present finding your gaze trailing backward toward the what ifs of doors long closed Read it Revel in the way Alex deftly drops out of chronology for uixotic asides about history geology religion and drama Wander the streets of this village in southern Italy where Alex was warned not to travel alone since the waves of Tunisian refugees began to wash up on the coast Realize the weight of life and slowness of time in a region which has experienced Fascism leprosy and the wiping out of Pompeii And then want to go there with every fiber of your being with every taste bud of your tongue Always somewhere in the room you'll find a platter of tissue thin salami flecked with fennel or shot with Senise pepper

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