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[Ebook] Unexpected By Lietha Wards – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Reading] ➶ Unexpected ➬ Lietha Wards – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Bakersfield California 1872 after the gold rush and prior to the railroad there was a struggle for the good people of the town to keep what they worked so hard for Butch McAllister was determined to o Bakersfield California after the gold rush and prior to the railroad there was a struggle for the good people of the town to keep what they worked so hard for Butch McAllister was determined to own everything; including the town and the people in it but most of all he had his eyes on the beautiful Josephine Hamilton She was within his grasp until a stranger came riding in and changed his plans He would have his revenge and he would have Josephine.

9 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Leesaann Leesaann says:

    ExcellentExcellentI love Leitha Wards' books I have every one she wrote and they are all on my re read list I was so excited when I saw this one and I wasn't disappointed after reading it Great characters great story and without ruining itthere is a twist Excellent

  2. Melanie Hatfield Melanie Hatfield says:

    Loved this storyI really like most of her books and this one is no exception I hate that she hasn’t published in a long while but will continue to keep my eye out This one is about Cogan has a supernatural twist done well The romance develops well overall good story development and I liked uniueness of setting in Wild Westwish there were

  3. Kathy Shatzer Kathy Shatzer says:

    HmmmmNot what I expectedif you want to know why read this book Thank you ms Wards for the delectable story

  4. Dar Dar says:

    I kept reading the blurb then the category and then the blurb again and couldn't figure out were the paranormal came into play I was well into the book and I still didn't know so I settled in and enjoyed the story It came along but it wasn't a huge part of the story just like hey that character is a ginger type of thingI liked the story it is a wonderful bad guy takes over the town and persecutes everyone but the few hold outs Of course the hold out family has a lovely young lady in it that the bad guy really really wants The tall dark and mysterious strange saves them and the town rallies behind them finally persevering over the bad guys The town is saved and everyone lives happily ever after That's it the story was good but the romance eh I didn't get the sparks between the two main characters There was nothing and suddenly they said they were in love Then they were getting married but not for convenience but forever There really wasn't any chemistry between themSo for the story awesome I liked the paranormal twist there was and I love westerns The romance it is definitely secondary though the characters are definitely interesting

  5. Deborah Deborah says:

    Romantic western with a paranormal twistThis is a romantic western with a paranormal twist the town of Bakersfield is slowly being taken over by Butch McAllister now Butch is not a nice man and he'll do whatever's necessary to get what he wants and at the moment the main thing he wants is the Hamilton's land and maybe even than the land he wants Josephine Hamilton herself Now Butch is determined and has hired himself enough men to get the job done but then a stranger rides in to town and upsets all his plans Then to make matters worse this stranger is staying at the Hamilton ranch and doesn't seem remotely afraid or affected by Butch and his menI'll admit it yes I have a weakness for Lietha Wards books I love them and while I'm the first to admit that the writing can be simplistic and repetitive in places it generally just doesn't matter to me I've read all her books but one which I'll be reading shortly and I love them the characters and the story and this one I also liked but I have to say I was disappointed in the writing it was particularly hard going at times and for me I would have liked an epilogue

  6. Carmen Carmen says:

    Light weight western romance with a little supernatural flavor I liked the characters and the story It was reminiscent of the old Hollywood westerns High Noon comes to mind The story could have been fleshed out though I would have wished for a longer novel The romance was fairly clean and not highly erotic

  7. S. S. says:

    I usually like reading Lietha Wards' books But 25% into this one and I find it's been too hard going I don't want to trudge on any longer This books feels like the author watched a bad western and is writing a book in response Or that there is a bad western movie in her head and she is simply narrating it It's missing vital ingredients I'll pass

  8. Andrea Williams Andrea Williams says:

    Great bookLet me say that this book was wonderful Loved the twist and I loved the concept This book is worth the time reading With indie writers it gets hard finding a good read

  9. Hot Reading Mom Hot Reading Mom says:

    Great read A little western with a little shifter

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