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[Ebook] Ungovernable By Therese Oneill – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Download] ➸ Ungovernable ➽ Therese Oneill – Serv3.3pub.co.uk Feminist historian Therese Oneill is back to educate you on what to expect when you're expecting a Victorian baby In Ungovernable Oneill conducts an unforgettable tour through the backwards pseudoscie Feminist historian Therese Oneill is back to educate you on what to expect when you're expecting a Victorian baby In Ungovernable Oneill conducts an unforgettable tour through the backwards pseudoscientific downright bizarre parenting fashions of the Victorians advising us on How to be sure you're not too ugly sickly or stupid to breed What positions and room decor will help you conceive a son How much beer wine cyanide and heroin to consume while pregnant How to select the best peasant teat for your child Which foods won't turn your children into sexual deviants And so much Endlessly surprising wickedly funny and filled with juicy historical tidbits and images Ungovernable provides much needed perspective on and comic relief from the age old struggle to bring up baby.

10 thoughts on “Ungovernable

  1. SheAintGotNoShoes SheAintGotNoShoes says:

    Yet another winner from Therese O'Neill I read her prior book on Victorian sex and marriage and it was a wonderful mixture of true social history mixed with great snarkiness and was just so much fun while being very informativeIf I never see the words ' ass ' and ' mik ' put together again it will be too soon I did however learn how Lane Bryant came to be it was a misspelling of Lena Bryant who was the first seamstress to make maternity wear Fun education

  2. Alicia Alicia says:

    Ugh Isn't it frustrating when you're super excited about something and it doesn't meet your expectations? I'd had this on my TBR as soon as I saw that she was publishing another in her humorous exploration of Victorian times Alas this one didn't work out Unmentionables loved and purchased for someone as a gift This one grating and tiresome Yes I read it through which I was going to abandon a few times but because it provided some great primary source documentation of how scientists doctors and families thought during this time it's truly a gem The research is immeasurable and for that I'm eternally grateful It was the execution of said material that drove me insane The A style was not the way to go because it made the text super choppy with the bolded uestions oft used ellipses as answers and short and long responses It felt like it was jumping around using that style while attempting to deliver it straightforward Second the humor was a little much Unmentionables balanced the humor with the delivery of content This one was all humor with the content hidden though there with the overuse of humor including puns raunchy language and harping on specific topics For example yes ass milk donkey's milk but to continue to refer to it as ass milk was annoying after the second time It's like most conversations with my youngest brother Yes heard it Laughed the first time let's not go back there again Needless to say I was super disappointed not to love this one on it's delivery alone I wanted substance and got too much stand up instead

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    Funny and irreverent and highly informative Therese Oneill has done it again This fitting seuel to Unmentionable has a much different format and a slightly different tone but I am happy to report that the snark is as strong as ever In this unflinching look at Victorian parenting practices told as a dialogue many different aspects of parenting are explored You might laugh you might cry but you’ll definitely learn something from this unforgettable historical sojourn I would eagerly read another installment in this wholly uniue series

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Giving this to all baby showers to which I am invited from this point forward

  5. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Ugh I picked up this book from the Library giggling to myself with excitement At first I thought this book was going to be a uick read for me It ended up that I just couldn't stand the format of the book the A and the sarcastic comments I unfortunately could not finish this book I found myself pretending to read than I was actually absorbing and I gave this book a considerable number of chances

  6. Angela Angela says:

    Just as tongue in cheek funny as the author's previous book on Victorian history Unmentionable I really hope she writes of these I listened to this one on audio and the narrators were FANTASTIC

  7. Wendy Wendy says:

    The snark was fun at first but wore thin rather uickly and the history was sloppy

  8. Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} Sarah {The Bookish Knitter} says:

    4 Stars

  9. Amber Spencer Amber Spencer says:

    45This book was introduced to me by my sister The introduction is hilarious and had me rolling I laughed out loud for most of the first half of the book There are sad parts and things hard to hear but it’s not just supposed to be a funny book it’s also meant to compare and contrast against real things that happened Overall this book is packed with wit and sarcasm and was very enjoyable I will definitely be looking up the author’s other book about Victorian times

  10. Davina Davina says:

    If Therese Oneill could lend her hilarious captions to all historical photos I would be a very happy lady This was a pretty funny read overall but as many other goodreaders have pointed out the A format does not lend anything positive to this book and I think the topical approach in her last book was effective

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