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Free ↠ Unlikely Allies By Tiffany King – ❰Reading❯ ➿ Unlikely Allies Author Tiffany King – Eighteen year old Kimberly gets the shock of her life when she learns the father she thought was dead is not only very much alive but never even knew she existed Angry with her mother for lying all th Eighteen year old Kimberly gets the shock of her life when she learns the father she thought was dead is not only very much alive but never even knew she existed Angry with her mother for lying all these years Kimberly flies to Colorado to meet the father she knows nothing about before heading off to college in the fallHer father’s world turns out to be nothing like she expected Rather than the typical nine to five lifestyle Kimberly’s father runs a summer foster camp that teaches young children skills to build their confidence and self esteem The Colorado Rocky Mountains are a different world than the sunny shores of California taking Kimberly completely out of her element and causing her to second guess her spur of the moment decisionNever being one to uit anything Kimberly is determined to show her father that a surfer girl can fit into this rugged mountain wilderness That is if she can deal with Mason an arrogant nineteen year old guy who has made it his mission to point out every mistake she has made since her arrival While she would love nothing than to rub it in his know it all face Kimberly can’t deny the feelings he stirs up inside her or the chemistry between them even during their verbal assaultsWhen a tragic accident leaves them stranded in the mountains Kimberly must use her shaky skills to save Mason and survive the elements Suddenly fighting is the last thing on their minds as they must rely on each other if they want to live In their struggle for survival they realize what they thought they knew about each other isn’t true after all.

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  1. adelina. adelina. says:

    THE ENDAMAZING AMAZING AMAZINGKimmie is such a lovely character Finds out she has a father after 18 years of her life is definitely not something easy and Kimmie wants her daddy back So it was simple she's going to meet her father and spend summer before collage with him Oh but life had another plan so he mixed Mason in the storyLovely story about two individuals who at first try to fight their feelings but as always love beats everything Just perfect my feelings are very tangled up right now I need ice cream Damn you Tiffany King for making me feel this way

  2. Anacrasia Anacrasia says:

    read this review on First 35% of the book was good enough Later than thatit was arrgghhI felt like pulling my hair outHere are a few instances that did not agree with me at all1There is talk of giving a 12 year old space to come to terms with a shocking and unwelcome news she's just receivedWellin my opinion twelve year olds in such a situation need a lot of hugs and someone to hold them as they cry2When the land below them gives away as they go trekking Kimberly takes uite a fall literally and still suffers from a few bruises and a fractured finger only while Mason fractures his legUmmreally? Even if she falls onto a treethe acceleration caused by the gravity would have led her to fall with enough force that she suffered some serious injuries3While taking a fallMason looses the walkie talkie tooWell aren't the walkie alkies secured to your waist band? All I know is that it is not so easy to loose a 'well secured walkie talkie' which you would expect given all the training and experience Masons had4Alsowhile fixing Kimberley's finger Mason informs her that the nearest hospital is an hour and forty five minutes away in the foothills so they had to learn medical training than usualWellthen won't it be normal for them to carry the appropriate anti biotic injections to prevent infection in an open fractures in their first aid supplies?If you are going trekking on a mountainfracture from a fall is the most obvious kind of emergency you would expect 5Well lets move on further with the storyKimberley waits outside as Mason undergoes his first physiotherapy sessionIt's natural to expect that he will try to push her away All he says is I don't need you and next thing Kimberley is saying isI'm going home Once she's home she tells her best friend that she left him in a hope that he will come after her She's soo intelligent He's there dealing with a heavy blow of loosing his leg and instead of making him believe that she is going to be there for him she leaves him and expects him to come after her This is soooo ridiculous Here's the actual uote You little minx You think he'll come after youI hope he does I said honestly Well I can go on and on about how crap this book was but I really don't want to burden you all with my rant any further So here goes

  3. Michelle Files Michelle Files says:

    Holy Blazing Campfires Beach Bunnies Well it's safe to say that Tiffany King has done it again Tiffany is such a sneaky lil writer tooshe knows just how to get under your skin without you even realizing it You are just rolling along enjoying a Unlikely Allies and then BAM you are staying up waaayyyy past your bedtime leaving tear stains on your kindle as you devour the final pages I even had to re read the ending just to be sure it really happened which then made me cry AGAINThe chemistry between Mason and Kimberly aka beach bunny is off the charts From the git go the witty smart ass remarks roll freely between the two and it is perfect I love me some good banter and boy does Tiffany dish it out in this book And by the way beach bunny has to be the cutest term of endearment EVERI found myself pining away for each Mason encounter and wondering what that smarty pants boy really had going on in his head And Kimberly she is my kind of girl She is such a sweet good hearted tough strong woman who can dish out just about anything Mason sends her way I never stopped rooting for her I experienced just about every emotion in this book I don't often cry when I read so when the I found myself bawling my eyes out than once I knew right then and there Tiffany had won me over yet again Nothing compares to roughing it with Mason and Kimberly This is a must read Five stars just isn't enough

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Well Tiffany King has done it again I truly LOVED Unlikely Allies I felt that this book sucked me in she made me feel the same feelings the characters were feeling I thought Mason and Kimberly were great together I liked how their relationship didn't start off that strong They worked at their feelings and built it up over time I would definitely recommend this book to everyone This one will definitely have a spot on my favs shelf

  5. Robert Zimmermann Robert Zimmermann says:

    This review is for an ARC copy obtained from the authorThe first thing I’d like to mention is that I waited until the morning to write this review I wanted so badly to write it immediately after finishing the bookbut I think the review would have looked like this “HOLY F WHAT THE WHO AWGJADF AKDFGARGKL SHE DID WHA FDKJ KFMG OMG AMAZING” And so on Instead as I do for many reviews that leave me with that reaction I wait a few hours or overnight to absorb all of itI have yet to be disappointed by a book of Tiffany King’s so far I’ve read both Wishing For Someday Soon and Forever Changed earlier this year They both blew me away This book lived up to this author’s previous standardsWhat I was initially drawn in by was the characters In the first few chapters that’s what kept me reading the most Kimberly the main character is very likable I especially like the artistic side she has Through this King was able to capture the beautiful settings in the novelThere were many characters that I fell in love with One of them was Amy of course When the reader meets her it’s hard to not like her She reminds me of a character out of Gil Girls Since I love the fast talking eccentric always a great friend personality of characters like Rory Lorelai Lane and SookiAmy was a perfect match for a reader like me I also really liked Rick The story could have gone a different way if King had given him a different personality or reaction to the situation at hand I was surprised and pleased to get to know the loving man and new father that is RickSince this book is set mainly in a summer camp for kids it is only natural that there are great younger characters as well Tiffany King seems to have a natural talent for touching the reader’s heart through these young characters In her past books this is true and she’s done it again in Unlikely Allies These kids have gone through a lot in their lives They are all children who are in the foster care system and haven’t known stability much Camp Unlikely Allies was established to try to give children like them an opportunity at enjoying life and growing upAlyssa is one of the young characters that really touched me She’s very closed off from others She always has a wall up to everyone The reader gets a little background on her and that’s when I wanted to just give her a huge hug There’s a certain part of the story in which I was close to tears because of this little girl That’s something King is also good at Grabbing the reader in an emotional tractor beam and playing with their heartsNow about the setting It was a welcome change from earlier King books I’ve read Most of it takes place in the mountains of Colorado I’ve always wanted to go there myself and the picture painted in my mind was beautiful I think everything that’s great about being in the great outdoors enjoying nature was touched on here While I don’t live in the Colorado wilderness I do live in the wilderness for the most part and I could picture myself easily going through some of the struggles that take place in Unlikely AlliesWhat’s the main reason we’re here though? It’s not the characters or the setting is it? Maybe I know a few readers will have picked this book up for the romance as well AND the adventure Both those elements are in this book They actually go hand in hand I was left baffled at times with the interaction between Kimberly and Mason I uestioned the relationship between them the entire time It’s one of the reasons I had to keep reading I needed to know who was going to strangle the other first hahaThe struggled that they both go through later on in the book was great as well I don’t know if King has been stranded and injured in the woods before but I think she has written a very believable account of what it’d be like I was left on edge the whole way through wondering what obstacle was going to arise next Whether it was physical or emotional everything kept me sympathizing for the charactersI can’t say any There’s just so much greatness in this book If Tiffany King wasn’t one of my favorite authors out there already she’d have made it on the list with this one I’m eager to see how other readers enjoy the book once it’s released

  6. A. Bookzilla. A. Bookzilla. says:

    This is not your typical YA novel Although I wouldn't normally pick it out myself to read it I heard great things about it and wanted to see for myselfI read it in one sitting It's fairly short and Tiffany King's writing keeps you engaged the whole timeThe first half of it is great Wonderful pace interesting characters great dialogueI especially loved Amy and RickI had issues with Kim and Mason's relationship as usually the couple fell in love within weeks while literally exchanging just a couple of sentences during this time I just feel this cannot be accurateProbably the biggest issues I had with it was how they went trekking in that rain completely unprepared I'm a bit of a hikingtrekking addict and I just had a lot complaints with how they went out there in that weatherMason mentions that the hospital is what close to two hours away from the camp? Doesn't that mean they should be carrying some serious antibiotics with them? What if Alyssa was hurt and they were stuck out there wouldn't they need them? I don't know I'd think of bringing them with meCovering up an open wound with the raincoat seemed like such a bad idea to meNext they let Kim go trekking in rain in tennis shoes? This baffles me to no end I suppose maybe she didn't have appropriate footwear but she could have borrowed some If not under no circumstances should she have gone with him it is just not safe No matter how good your guide you just need proper gear trekking shoes especially if you are leaving on the most difficult trail in that rain where there's sure to be some serious slippery mud You need good ankle support and good soles and waterproof shoes Mason says that Rick would expect that they wait out the rain out there if it gets too heavy This means even extra gear Extra socks Cotton balls vaseline aluminum foil flintsteel to start the fire This should all have been in the emergency backpackAnd seriously the walkie talkie thing? It should have been attached to him with a strap or to his waistband or chest secure under the raincoat or something You simply cannot afford to lose it if you have to take it in the first placeI'm just saying for someone who claims to be the best guide in the camp he made a couple of beginner's very irresponsible mistakes When they first start out on the trek he keeps going too fast for her even though he knows she is a beginner can't keep up and doesn't know the trail Just no It scares me that someone should let him be responsible for 15 year old boys on trekking trips This is not the behavior of a good guideAnd then the second half of the book The pace was wonderful until after the hospital Then everything happened way too fast we didn't have the time to actually get to know the new characters who had potential to be really interesting Brad and Dan and CarKim's logic of letting Mason come to her while dealing with things like losing a limb and learning to live his life without it was ridiculous Very egoisticalHowever overall it was a good read and I would recommend it despite my issues with it I'm just being nit picky

  7. Rachel Harris Rachel Harris says:

    I adore Tiffany King As a person and as an author so I had a good idea going in that I would enjoy this book But I wasn’t prepared for just how addictive Unlikely Allies turned out to beThis book kept me walking on the treadmill for a lot longer than I had planned double win and staying up way too late at night to sueeze in a few chapters before finally crashing and dreaming of mountains and trees and hot arrogant menYes my subconscious aged Mason to a acceptable age for a dream boyfriendSo let’s start with Mason I loved this hero He came from a hard background but didn’t let that define him Even when he was picking on Kimberly you knew from all the other characters that his behavior toward her was unusual He genuinely cared about all the other campers and especially for Rick Kimberly’s dad and Mason’s foster father Of course the boy was hot but what drew me in was his protectiveness especially during the second half of the bookAnd oh the second part of the book I enjoyed the first half the set up getting to know Kimberly better watching the relationship between her and her father build and the friendships that she made with the other camp leaders but it was the second half of the book that had me pounding the keys on my Kindle needing to see what happened next Ms King pulls out all the stops when Mason and Kimberly are stranded in the mountains You get a MAJOR swoon factor you get danger suspense tender moments that had me teary eyed and conversations that make you laughI’m an emotion girl a character girl And when an author can get me to fall in love with the characters and gets me to experience the full range of emotions with them they skyrocket to my favorites list And this book did that It also taught me a lot about wilderness safety and survival skills Knowledge that I hope I never have to put into practice but hey good to knowKimberly was a fun heroine to live the story with—she was smart artistic funny and had a good heart Her relationship with her mother was complicated but understandable and perhaps because Tiffany is a mother herself she handled it respectfully The mom made a major mistake which was the inciting incident for this whole book but she took ownership of it and in the end made up for her faults Rick was perhaps my favorite character He was a strong caring dad who didn’t always see eye to eye with his California girl daughter but he was always looking for that connection that way to bond and show he cared and their conversations about CW shows made me smile The rest of the book is fleshed out with a wide variety of characters you get to know and truly care about and I found myself hoping this would kick off a series of books I’d love to know about all of the friends she made in camp and during her first semester at college One boy in particular grinI recommend Unlikely Allies to anyone looking for a captivating read that will pull at your heartstrings and inspire you It was fast paced and fun and I know I’ll be reading it again in the future If you’ve never read any of Tiffany King’s books before start with this oneand then start playing catch up You won’t regret it

  8. Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts) Karla Mae (Reads and Thoughts) says:

    I finished reading this last night and I woke up today feeling weird because I can't seem to absorb what have happened on this one This is my first Tiffany King novel and I feel excited about it and all because the blurb looks promising and the cover has this mysterious effect on itI was really drawn in by the characters There are several characters that are very much easy to loveKimberly and it was my first encounter of a character having a name of Kimberly Just saying was very likeable Though she was skeptical about meeting her father she still finds her way to make it to her father's camp all by herself; Meeting her father's people and doing the things that he does It's nice seeing her make an effort and not holding any grudge to him And as the story ends her maturity and growth become significant Mason is really a maze for me I can’t uite figure him out His attitude can get out of hand at times and tends to tick me off But his continuous banter with Kimberly was pretty fascinating Their interaction with each other was funny at the same time very much heartfeltThen there's Amy Since meeting her at the beginning of the story I begin to really like her because it’s really hard not to like her She's very eccentric and talkative but always a great friend who would always help youThe concept of having a summer camp for kids was pretty touching for me These children all came from different foster care systems and haven’t known what stability means The camp Unlikely Allies which were established by Kimberly's dad Rick were a great help for those kidsThe only thing that is really not so great is the tragedy that happened Of course who would love tragedies right? It was believable okay but seeing people suffer and sad and all was really disturbing for me but seeing that this tragedy only make the people on the story stronger I get over it eventuallyUnlikely Allies was an okay read The tragedy isn’t that heavy and the plot was okay and the characters are great but there’s this just something that I can’t point out that I think was missing somewhere I’ll check out other works of Tiffany King and see if it would still evoke same reaction from me as this one Yay

  9. Mary Mary says:

    review is on wwwbooknerdsacrossamericacomFirst I want to thank Tiffany King for giving me this book to review It was very kind of her Second I thought Tiffany King could not get any better as an authorwell yet again I was WRONGBest Part Mason Mason Mason Boy oh Boy do I love a fictional hot boy and Tiffany King knows how to write 'em I mostly love the interaction with Mason and Kimberly It was funny heartfelt aggravating and perfect for them Also Kimberly was amazing She came to camp unsure of herself so much but by the end of the book you saw that despite everything she was growing up I loved that On top of that I loved that this book was actually believable There was no supernatural beings just a boy girl a whole camp of kids and loveNot so great Without giving away to much because I do not want to spoil it I did not like Mason's attitude at times Of course I understand why he did what he did but as a female it just ticked me off I eventually got over it

  10. Janna Mashburn Janna Mashburn says:

    I received this book as an ARC for The Indie BookshelfThis book is the first I have read by Tiffany King and she can write a storyI enjoyed everything about this book The uniue plot never dulls desperate circumstances that kept me up all night turning the pages with a love story story to make your heart melt When I finished I craved Not to mention King's ability to capture so many wonderful different personalities in her side characters Kimberly the heroine is such a likable strong intelligent and beautiful character Mason grew on me he was a tough cookie to crack He was very sarcastic and witty at first but he redeemed himself to me and I eventually fell in love with himI definitely recommend this book

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