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Download PDF  Unwrapping Hank Author Eli Easton – [Epub] ❦ Unwrapping Hank By Eli Easton – Sloane loves a good mystery He grew up as the son of two psychiatrists so he finds most people tediously easy to figure out He finds his way to Pennsylvania State University longing for a rural experi Sloane loves a good mystery He grew up as the son of two psychiatrists so he finds most people tediously easy to figure out He finds his way to Pennsylvania State University longing for a rural experience and ends up being lured into joining a frat by Micah Springfield the hippest guy on campusNothing in Sloane’s classes is as intriguing as Hank Springfield Micah’s brother and fellow frat house member Hank looks like a tough guy—big muscles tatts and a beard—but his eyes are soft and sweet He acts dumb but he’s a philosophy major He’s presumably straight but then why does Sloane feel such crazy chemistry whenever Hank is around And why does Hank hate Sloane so muchWhen Sloane ends up stuck on campus over Christmas Micah invites him to spend the holidays at their family farm in Amish country It’s a chance to experience a true Americana Christmas and further investigate the mystery that is Hank Springfield Can Sloane unlock the secrets of this family and unwrap the heart hidden inside the beefcake.

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  1. Cristina Monica Cristina Monica says:

    A most lovely read for the holiday seasonI’m serious This was one of the fluffiest ‘awww worthy’ and excessively Christmassy well plotted short story I have read so far for the holidays Forget about this A Christmas Carol classic filled with beloved themes Unwrapping Hank not only contains comparable in beautifulness ones but also demonstrates an extra ability to make you smirk smile laugh irradiate with happiness sigh from contentment and swoon hand on heart Indeed this is a rollercoaster of powerful human feelingsWhen Sloane and Hulk looking Hank or so the author kept making me imagine are assigned to plan the perfect Christmas party together things don’t go wellSee Hank is not too fond of Sloane But everyone else is Could Hank be homophobic? Deranged? Or is there to the story?Well that sure has Sloane’s curiosity He makes it his new mystery case to unfold Hank’s character Will he succeed? Will he be able to see underneath Hank’s rocky and solid shell?I keep smiling thinking back at how comfortable I was reading this short story Why do some stories have to end? But they don’t Not really They will stay still breathing and you know where In our minds It will be a pleasure to imagine how Sloane and Hulk’s lives continue wink wink even though I would prefer the author being the one to storytell it to usThe atmosphere was so – sorry for the overused in any common way term – perfect Perfect for this time of year Perfect for it succeeded to fulfill the author’s goal which surely was to make us see and feel love and family and joyBy now you probably know that I don’t give many five star ratings I mean it Half of the five star ratings I had given were to manga Manga man manga Because those can be ‘perfect’ so easily depending on our tastes Just take an original idea plunge in and develop an interesting plot and world building include endearing characters and mix it all with some astonishing illustrations and voilà Five star worthy to me Am I too easy when it comes to manga? I wonderAll that to help put some authenticity in my words ‘‘I just want to convince you’’ she whispers half sheepishlyLet’s get back to the real attraction The writing was noticeably engaging and the plot easily followed The romance amusing by moments and charming throughout and this whole making me want to save dear Unwrapping Hank for next year too But let’s face it; you shan’t be surprised if you see me reading this gem in JuneAh time has come I wish my words were able to convince you just by reading the first sentence but unless I’m Messmer whom I’m not unfortunately there are chances I might not have had that effect on you So this is my last chance In all honesty this story is too cute for words if I dare say and I’m not recommending it only because it’s MM romance and everything related to that turns out being some kind of wonder to me – with exceptions – but really because it has uncountable elements that might very likely appeal to you Andit deserves a chance

  2. Baba Baba says:

    4 fun stars Review completed November 20 2014I'm sorry but I liked the unicorn gif It's prettier Sure uhThere was a guy in the kitchenHankMicah stopped and looked at me smiling shyly Yeah? What'd you think?What'd I think?He seemed reallydomesticated You know for a white supremacistI was being perhaps a wee bit judgmental but Micah laughed a big booming laugh that made everyone turn to see what was so funnyYou're going to drive me crazy aren't you Hank saidCrazy is an ambiguous term with no clinical meaning and it's insulting to mental health patients Can you be specific? I want to unwrap a man present Mission accomplished Hank owns that motherfucker nowYou can't beat Christmas time to spread some love Hot gay guys and cute dogs galore I had a little chat with Santa and believe it or not but he says everyone should unwrap a Hank because it will cheer you up and leave you smiling goofily all day long Do you see the hot dude at the top of my review? Yeah up therenope it's not the sweaty guy who looks pissed and ready to hit anyone who dares to get in his wayhigherno not the dogs you dorksa little higher Bingo That's him My Hank Friendly advice just ignore his frown Poor Hank had a hard time figuring out for which team he should play but now he nailed iterhim Whatever Just so you know I got dibs on my sexy Hank so I'd say we need to clone him There's a deadline though I'll take orders till December 18th in order to guarantee you a fresh and crunchy delivery before Christmas Eve Baba pokes Hank in the ribs Stop scowling at me Hanky boy or you know what's going to happen I'll tell everybody your real name cheeky grin See? Works wonders pets Hank on his bearded jaw Anyway there's nothing like the original though and it goes without saying that he stays with me Don't come in Dad Hank saidBelieve me I won't Karma said with a vocal shiver JustI have um condoms and lube And in a mutter Your mother made me I'll admit it was a sweet read but it's the kind of sweet I can approve of because this story oozed a fuck ton of feel good vibes and that's exactly what a Christmas story should be all about Also I'm in the mood where sweet is needed Dealing with a huge work load and digesting new work processes don't lift my spirit at the moment So this uick and fun read came in darn handy because I enjoyed every minute of it Unwrapping a hot guy can be very entertaining after all Again it might have been a little bit too perfect to be real but it was fine by me I'm usually a reader who doesn't enjoy YA stories A few authors however manage to do it right and that's why I enjoy the heck out of a few YANA books I'm happy to say that Eli Easton is one of those lucky writers I loved to see and unwrap so many many layers of Hank A big bear of a man with an intellectual mind sporting a ripped and tattooed body topped off with warm eyes and gentle hands Hank is a heartwarming walking contradiction BTW I loved all three guys Hank Sloane and Micah Be careful You know what they say once you go dick that's the end of the chicksThey don't say thatI say it man and I'm a philosopher So it counts A shout out to the authorI'd love to read Micah's story and I wouldn't mind revisiting Hank and Sloane a few years down their merry road either Maybe Sloane will be working in rural county being manipulated by a bunch of adorable dogsBottom line Unwrapping Hank is the perfect little treat to savor during a contemplative season Snarky and funny dialogue and very likable characters are the ingredients to bake your own delicious Christmas cookies Use your imagination Recommended read

  3. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    Before reading Look at me Willingly adding a Christmas jizz story to my TBR I've seen the Easton light it's filled with peppermint sticksWhoa smh After reading Why thou shalt not sleep on Eli Easton's Santa Jizz A Reflection by SRALIt's a well known fact Santa JizzChristmas JizzFucking Holiday Sugar stories they are not my deal I'll own and will admit it While others find Christmas joy in reading about that winter romance hullabalooI just can't I'll own my Grinch inessI don't mind others reading it but I have to sift though the metric tons of gingerbread sticky gooeyness to find tolerable reads Too much peppermint fluff andsmh I can't gorge on them or it'll make me crabby Again my deal not yours I'm not out there pushing down carolers or giving mall Santa Clauses the bird when I'm in public or anything In fact if you came to me in a Santa Jizz sweater extolling the joy of St Nick I'd listen Or pretend to my pretend face is fucking flawless after many yearsSo last year a bit of the Jizzmas spirit came in my throat in the form of Blame It On the Mistletoe I swallowed that load and did not spit at any point in timeSo cut to this year me being in a smidge of a book slumpafter a bunch of mediocre reads I need my next book to be a slam dunk So after a few false starts I remembered Unwrapping Hank So my frown got turned upside down without me even realizingDudes and Dudettes I'm reading and I'm breezing thorugh this storymy cheeks hurtfrom grinning like a loon at these characters Hank and his macho closet Micah and sexiness like without him having to try I'm intrigued by him and of course Sloane Oh Sloane you're adorable without being sticky sweet thoughtful while still not coming across older than your age He's a great main character Damn so is Hankhappy sighSee Sloane is the only child of two psychologists who has lived abroad for some years and he wants some stable in his lifeeven if his parents still like to live in the new and exciting So he joins a fratand meets the Springfield brothers Micah and Hank Micah is a hipster without buying into the hype I loathe hipsters who try too hard and Hankfrom the name Hank which is such a straight boy name I love it you can tell Hank is trying to be an anti Micah He's a muscle head but he's actually brilliant he tries to be everything he thought of as heterosexual to hide his true selfGah the pacing of the story fits these two so well I could go either way with a gay for you out for you the best way for it to work is to give the uestioning MC time to realize their true feelings themselves let their reactions be natural instead of forced And this story does that AND No PWP no rushed erotica to be found in here The author included her favorite things in here and created an endearing Christmas novella without SHOVING AN UNBELIEVABLE SANTA SEMEN COATED PEPPERMINT STICK DOWN THE GULLET Because those things are impossibly enormous to try to deep throatclears throatI was so disappointed at the end Not because it finished off weakly or things were unresolved I was disappointed at seeing The End I would have continued reading about this pair for days They're funny real and sexy They are touching and relatable And another reason why it rocks? view spoilerBIG GUY BOTTOMING SCORE MOTHERFUCKER hide spoiler

  4. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    Why do I bother reading books from other authors when Eli Easton just seems to knock it out of the park every single time? I always know when I'm loving a book when my heart gets a little vice like feeling You know what I mean That suishy choked up feeling that you get when you read something that really touches you This book sueezed my heart and I effing loved it This was another new adult opposites attract story from one of my most reliable authors It was sweetly holiday totally believable and really emotional for only 138 superbly written pages And though there is only one sex scene let me tell you it is worth the wait Damn boy I know what I'm going to be thinking about tonight Guy you know me Can I ever resist a view spoilervirgin hide spoiler

  5. ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~ says:

    45 TOTES ADORBS starsPuppies and kittens have nothing on this storySophisticated openly gay Sloane gets paired with the beefy Hank to put together their frat's Christmas party Sloane finds Hank interesting And sexy as sin Hank is a mystery Sloane wants to unwrap in ways than one But Hank is intimidated by Sloane Sloane makes him feel things he doesn't want to feel So he avoids Sloane pushes him awayAfter Sloane's parents stand him up for the holidays the guys along with Hank's brother Micah spend the Christmas at Hank and Micah's classic Americana farm CUTENESS ABOUNDSThere are Amish pies pushy cows hay stacks liberal hippie parent and dogsThis story is all about growing up and growing into your own skin It's about acceptance family being young and confused and a little scared It's about figuring shit out on your own with a little nudge from your brother and the very sexy boy who joined your fraternity Sloane and Hank felt like real college boys They were smart but they stumbled They wanted but were afraid to want I really liked Micah's character too; he was perceptive and a very good brother The first person dual POV worked very well here Each MC had a distinct voice I certainly noticed that Hank became introspective as the story progressed The banter between Hank and Sloane was hilarious Really the entire story was FUNNY so very funny There was very little steam here but the slow burn the awareness was exactly right And the cuddles in that barn could have burned the place down baby

  6. Nick Pageant Nick Pageant says:

    I recently had the great thrill of beta reading this little gem I loved every wordThe plot concerns Sloane a college student and his attempts to understand Hank a hunky fraternity brother who looks like a muscle head but turns out to be much Sloane and Hank are forced together by Hank's brother MicahThe boys end up spending Christmas together and then things get sexy sweet and adorably romantic This is low angst but there are some great emotional scenes sprinkled here and there This book is a perfect example of why I love Eli EastonRecommended to anyone looking for some early holiday cheer

  7. ☆ Todd ☆ Todd says:

    At 18 Sloane is a freshman veterinary student who has recently been encouraged to join a fraternity by its uber cool president Micah And after growing up with world traveling psychologist parents Sloane finally feels like he's somewhere that he truly belongsUntil he meets Micah's brother Hank who is a philosophy student and also in the fratHank is a big muscley tattooed guy but also a bit of an enigma One which Sloane loving a good mystery must solve no matter how many times he tries to let that 'straight' sleeping dog lie What I absolutely LOVED about Sloane is that he's a bit fearless He'll walk right up to a bear and poke it Then poke it again until he gets what he wantsBut the bear in this instance is gruff loner Hank Hank is not amused But as the story progresses Hank and Sloane become frenemies both giving as good as they get then lines on both sides begin to blur feeling wise which scares Hank to deathWatching Sloane toy with Hank was a thing of beauty akin to watching a cat play with a mouse Only in this game the cat plays with his mouse until it's literally begging to be eaten And HardMeee Motherfucking YowwwI Loved That ShitThe book is insanely slow burn but the sexy scene in the barn than makes up for the built up anticipationThe scene is smoking hot with a bit of a flip that I didn't see coming at allAnd the guys do get their HFN with Hank very firmly staking his claim on Sloane in a very public waySo I highly recommend this one with an insanely solid 45 A Bottom Is Born stars This was my own copy of the book and was not provided by the publisher or author

  8. Susan Susan says:

    AUDIOBOOK REVIEW December 21 20154 starsTristan Wright is my favorite narrator and he matches perfectly with Eli Easton's writing I LOVED Superhero and I really really enjoyed Unwrapping Hank as well Tristan Wright has really contemporary voice that lends well to new adult storytelling When I first read the ebook last year I think I had a hard time getting over the Hank on the cover I'm not a big fan of that model for the character But the narrator in the audiobook allowed me to see him differently And I really really liked this version And since it's written in 1st person I think the narrator nailed the character of Sloane perfectlyIf you're in the mood to listen to a fun holiday story definitely give this one a go ORIGINAL REVIEW November 15 20144 starsEli Easton just gets me I meanshe just knows what I want to read And she writes it just for me ok I’m sounding delusionalbut this is how I FEEEEEL I think her books are such a great mix of humor and uirkiness HEART stories that draw you in but don’t DEVOUR you so that you’re ruined time and place for those kinds of booksand I feel so satisfied at the end Blame it on the Mistletoe was one of my FAVORITE holiday reads last year so I was really excited to read Unwrapping HankLoved itSloane is a new college freshman rushing a fraternity He has a mild crush on Micah the fraternity president and then a bigger crush on Hank the fraternity musclehead Turns out Hank is a real enigmaall that working out but is there to this guy? One thing is clear he does not like Sloane Or does he? I love Sloane I love Hank yes I know I knowhe’s bristly and a pain in the ass but I loved him I love Micah I love the parents well not Sloane’s parentsgrrrr I love the dogs I love the Amish I loved it all Christmas at the Springfield family farm in Pennsylvania was idyllic I wanted to be there I typically DON’T love anything resembling a love trianglebut that was only a ghost of a possibility here And it wasn’t off putting in any way Sloane is a really strong and likable charactersure of himself but not arrogant And the Springfield family warmed my heart with their love and loyalty to each other Holiday books are an easy sell for me make me feel warm fuzzies and throw in some mistletoe and I’m golden This book did both ☺ My first holiday read of 2014and already set the bar in the “favorites” zone

  9. Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ Alienor ✘ French Frowner ✘ says:

    ► I'm a horrible person No now don't be polite and disagree with me on principle I swear I really am whispers I have pet peeves ✘ When parents are playing Cupid with their son and go as far as bringing him lube and condoms while he's off with his possible love interest in a barn I KID YOU NOT it turns me off completely I mean ew is that supposed to be cute? Honestly? I liked Hank's family until they all started to be so freaking pushy But that's just me And don't get me started about Micah his brother Why am I supposed to like him stays a mystery for me✘ When a confused but straight guy accepts the fact that he's gay kisses has sex with a man comes out publicly in the span of a day I'm hardly exaggerating I have a hard time suspending my disbelief ✘ Oh and when people tell me that their favorite French novelist is Guillaume Musso I tear up a little I know I know how mean of me blablabla but I can't help it's a visceral reaction Sloane's parents would have an explanation for my overreacting I'm sureThat's why you shouldn't listen to me I am not fair goes hide in shame

  10. Optimist ♰King& Optimist ♰King& says:

    Re listen 111418; bumping it up to 45 StarsI'm not sure what it is about Eli Easton's writes but she can suckerpunch me sometimes This was and is one of those times My original review was kind of stupid so I've deleted it excepting the pic of Grinchy who is still TOTES ADORBZGrinch became totally enad with Sloane over the Christmas holidays at the Springfield farm As a matter of fact Sloane got a little attached himself Who wouldn't? Wook at his face Yes baby talk to pictures of dogs shrugs I own it at leastThis is such a sweet coming of age story that has characters that you root for and an emotionality to sneaks up on you It's not overly reliant on the whole miracle of Christmas thing which I appreciate since I myself am kind of a grinch when it comes to the holiday spirit Can't we just be good to each other year round? Why does there have to be lights and a tree involved?I digressHank and Sloane are thrown together by Hank's older brother to come up with a theme for their frat's holiday party Hank is standoffish towards Sloane and immediately takes a dislike to him But the time we spend inside Hank's head it becomes apparent that Hank is hiding from himselfSloane is temptation personified and the they're around each other discovering how much they have in common the harder it becomes for Hank to deny what's happeningSloane is hipster adjacent He's worldly thanks to his wanderlusting parents but there's a loneliness about him that's borne of not having a home to call his own Plus his parents a bit flighty and he's an only child Whereas Hank's family is straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting with the cute dogs humane raising of animals kombucha making living in the same town since forever and just salt of the earth kind of peopleI really loved Hank who's a tattooed lumbersexual virgin and doesn't have a clue who he is or what he wants but through these few weeks of knowing Sloane and with some encouragement and the support of his family he gets a little closer to the answer He's been fumbling around since his mother almost died of cancer when he was a boy That one event changed him in ways I don't think he fully understands but the way Easton integrated that event into his character is what makes me like her writing so muchThe tension between Hank and Sloane builds along with the evolution of their relationship The benefit of having both their perspectives helped that along greatly Easton is always good for at least one sexy scene and she brought the goods here Honestly I think this story is great regardless of the holiday twist or setting but I surely did enjoy this pastoral Pennsylvania setting with the family farm Hank and Micah's parents the dogs the pies but especially Sloane and Lilith's Christmas present to him As for the narration it was good Tristan Wright made Hank sound like Keanu Reeves which was sort of jarring but he differentiated the voices and sold the story well enough so I'm not opposed to listening to him againWhether you read or listen to this story I'd recommend it to NA enemies to lovers hurtcomfort lite or contemporary romance fans

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