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Read ✓ Ventrue Vampire The Masuerade Clan Novel #5 By Gherbod Fleming – [BOOKS] ✪ Ventrue Vampire The Masuerade Clan Novel #5 By Gherbod Fleming – It began with the Clan Novel ToreadorThis book Clan Novel Ventrue is the fifth of a 13 book series concerning the Kindred the hugest event ever in the World of DarknessFrom small details to grand spec It began with the Clan Novel ToreadorThis The Masuerade PDF º book Clan Novel Ventrue is the fifth of a book series concerning the Kindred the hugest event ever in the World of DarknessFrom Ventrue Vampire ePUB ✓ small details to grand spectacles this epic series of over one million words reveals reveal the secrets of this hidden world through the eyes of individuals on both sides of a great Vampire The Masuerade eBook ´ conflict The continued existence of all Kindred from the youngest neonate to the eldest Methuselah hangs in the balance.

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  1. C.T. Phipps C.T. Phipps says:

    NOVEL VENTRUE by Gherbod Fleming is the fifth novel of the Vampire The Masuerade Clan Novel series It is a series published in 1999 and told a thirteen novel story about the conflict between Sabbat bad vampires invading the cities belonging to the Camarilla less bad vampires A magical artifact called the Eye of Hazmiel was serving as a wild card during it and each new book's protagonist was a glimpse into one of the individual undead's journey Each book also served as an illustration about what a specific clan was all aboutClan Ventrue is the vampire clan of nobles knights politicians and executives Serving as the suave leaders of the Camarilla they've always been somewhat vanilla compared to other Clans Many of the great villains of the setting have been Ventrue like Prince Lodin Hardelstadt the Younger and Sebastian La Croix They've also been the protagonists of many works like Prince Julian Luna from the ill fated Kindred the Embraced This book does a decent job exploring the contrast of the Ventrue's affable leadership contrasted to their dark entitled self They may not be as exciting a set of leaders as the Lasombra Tzimisce Toreador or Tremere but they get the job doneThe premise of this novel is that we get a sense of how the Camarilla is responding to the Sabbat's successful invasion of over a dozen cities The Fall of Atlanta was terrible but it is the fall of Washington DC that has caused the Camarilla to panic Well perhaps panic is not the best word as the Inner Council sends not even a Justicar to defend the New World's cities but a single representative in Jan Pieterzoon The city of Balti Maryland becomes the establishment's new headuarters with the arrogant Prince Garlotte as the new defender of civilized vampiredom Jan must work with Prince Garlotte refugee demagogue Victoria Ash archon Theo Bell and the mysterious Prince Marcus Vitel to try to stop the Sabbat onslaughtA major theme of the book is how the Ventrue appear to be caring leaders but are awful people underneath Ironically I think Garlotte actually works better than cover character Jan Pieterzoon in establishing this Garlotte is a self absorbed administrator who isn't anywhere near the most powerful Prince in America but threatens to turn the entire defense into his own personal army Despite this he's actually fairly lenient with his childer and is humanized in his lust with Victoria Ash as well as genuine desire to turn back the Sabbat In the end he has to choose whether he must continue being a soft touch or destroy the things he loves in life for power Given this is the World of Darkness his choice shouldn't come as a surprise but somehow doesJan Pierterzoon is the protagonist of the books and a character I have mixed feelings on He appears to be a somewhat ignorant not believing in the Antediluvians herald for his sire but one of the least horrible vampires we've met so far This is subverted when he find out what Jan's feeding restriction which all Ventrue suffer from is He can only prey upon certain types of people and the realization is suitably nightmarish On the other hand it feels a bit cheap as well as if they wanted a way to show that Jan had a dark side and went with the most obviously bad thing they could The way he fetishizes trauma victims is also relevant now when criticizing self styled heroes that we understand things a bit better than the NinetiesThis is an intensely political book with lots of backstabbing manipulation and seduction Surprisingly this is probably the best book for Victoria Ash of Clan Novel Toreador While she plays the role of femme fatale using her Presence to bring lust back into the hearts of Kindred who have long since abandoned the need for sexual urges she's also someone trying to recover from torture at the hands of the Tzimisce This includes her killing some fifteen or sixteen mortals to repair the horrible damage done both internally as well as externally Not all scars can be healed with the blood though and she struggles to regain control over her life She's a much interesting character this way and it's a shame the book doesn't have scenes about herThere's some strange elements to the book that don't uite jive with the tabletop RPG For example Jan Pieterzoon is extremely concerned about needing surgery to reset his leg and other issues but the vast majority of vampires barring Final Death just need to spend blood He's also a very strange choice to lead the defense of the New World versus any Justicar or someone with military experience That's part of the point but the reason why they send Hardestadt's errand boy is never made clear Also Jan spends much of the book running and injured which is weird for an Elder who has a superpower specifically related to not getting injuredI also appreciate the fact that we get insight into Prince Garlotte's brood of childer Isaac Fin and Katrina who add a new dimension to Clan Ventrue Isaac is the somewhat dull and uninspired but extremely loyal Sheriff Fin is the romantic vampire teenager deeply in love with his girlfriend Morena but unaware just how much danger he's put her in Katrina is a lesbian in a polyamorous relationship that was Embraced to be a substitute for the Prince's wifeIn conclusion I really enjoyed this book but I feel like Jan Pieterzoon is actually the biggest weakness in it While Garlotte and his brood is fascinating Jan is somewhat one dimensionally loyal to the Camarilla with a disgusting weakness I actually wanted to get back to the Prince and his childer or Victoria Ash's scheming for the majority of the book

  2. Deadwish Deadwish says:

    Reseña completa en mi blog Ventrue no son muy ueridos por el público debido a su personalidad He visto ue mucha gente ponía un puntaje bajo a este libro simplemente porue decía Ventrue en la tapa No soy amigo de este clan pero encontré en este libro una perfecta representación de la forma en ue se maneja la Camarilla y los vampiros en general toda palabra es medida todo movimiento calculado no importa ue el Sabbat esté sitiando la ciudad siempre un vampiro va a tratar de sacar ventaja de la situación por mínima ue sea Y un cainita siempre tratará de evitar a toda costa ceder un milímetro del poder ue ya ha ganado Esto genera una situación muy compleja y muy interesante y un juego de alianzas y traiciones ue nada tiene ue envidiar a obras más conocidas como Juego de Tronos aunue la calidad de los detalles no esté a esa altura

  3. Carlos Lenis Carlos Lenis says:

    Excelente libro toda la acción ausente en el anterior estuvo auí Continuando con la guerra Camarilla vs Sabbat ue uedó en pausa en la novela del clan Tzimice podemos ver el otro lado Los Ventrue son un clan orgulloso de negociadores y genios políticos Odiados por muchos en ellos recae la responsabilidad de liderar a La Camarilla Perdiendo gran parte de su territorio en la costa este de los Estados Unidos a manos de un increíblemente organizado Sabbat depende del chiuillo de Hardestadt fundador de La Camarilla volver todo a la normalidad Es una novela de tramas políticas donde a pesar de las circunstancias nadie uiere ceder un solo centímetro de poder Es un libro increíble y amé cada capítulo

  4. Anthony Alessi Anthony Alessi says:

    This is a fantastic series if you are a fan or player of the Vampire the Masuerade Table Top game I gave it a 3 because I don't recomend this series to those who are not

  5. Beau Johnston Beau Johnston says:

    The Ventrue Clan's arrogance shines through in this story Miserable sods

  6. Eva Eva says:

    One of the most memorable endings in the series Loved it

  7. A A says:

    Well portrayed political intrigue makes this book the best fit for the Ventrue Clan

  8. James James says:

    Full review here actually has turned out to be one of the better books in the series even if the focus is less on the signature character and on moving along the greater plot Which is fine since Jan is a stuffed shirt

  9. Alex Alex says:

    I am blogging the reviews to this whole seriesIt starts here for this book

  10. Γιώργος Μπελαούρης Γιώργος Μπελαούρης says:

    the last one i read from this series and i dont think i ll ever complete themfor some reason i loved the first threethe other two were just ok for mei had a good time but i couldnt get invested with either the characters or the plotdecent books tho

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