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12 thoughts on “Venture to the Interior

  1. Marie-Pierre Marie-Pierre says:

    Je connaissais d j ce livre qui est une petite merveille d intelligence J avais d le pr ter u le donner quelqu un, c est pourquoi j ai d le racheter.

  2. Siegfried Siegfried says:

    I travelled to Malawi twice, in 1969 and again a year later I went on an ancient Honda 50 from neighbouring Zambia I saw both of the areas described in this book, but in the opposite order From the Lake shore at its north end my little Honda took me up the amazing 23 hair pin bends of dirt road to Livingstonia Mission Station I found myself staying with the incredibly dedicated doctor, Donald Brownlie, who turned out to be the only doctor for the whole of the far north of the country He was hugely hard working and as hugely cheerful Through him I came to know the people, the places and even a few words of ciTumbuka, the local language The gentle, lilting sounds of monire, muli makora hello, are you well Ndili makora, kwali imwe I m fine, and yourself , One day I ventured up into the Nyika myself till I looked far out over the great Lake from amongst its tawny grasses and scattered little trees.When I chose to read Van Der Post s book it was because I thought it would take me back to places I had felt such an affinity for those years ago My second visit had taken me, by motor bike and the Lake steamer, to the south and eventually to an ascent of Mlanje and I had one local yes just one not an army of bearers to show me the way at the start and then I went to the top finding my own way guided by occasional spots of red paint the red route amidst the giant boulders and thickets of juniper.The sad and infuriating thing about this book is how little it really is about Malawi or its people, and how much it is about the ego, the fantasies and the mysticism of the writer He writes somewhere about an irony so characteristic of our basic unreality The irony is how these words ring true about the author himself his own basic unreality Whether it is in his account of his exploration of the Mlanje Massive and the way he involves the young man whose death he recounts in a way that makes you feel he is telling it only for the sake of his book or whether it is about his Nyika expedition which left me wondering whether he had actually been there at all or at least if he had been there how much he had added to enhance his reputation You have a feeling he could let the words flow, but maybe they are flowing out of some schoolboy adventure story imagination.How strange that for all his acclaimed love for Africa and Africans he never once mentions a word of the lovely sounding languages of the people And yet in a remote village in the Nyika he describes this scene of drumming and wild singing that goes on and on and on and he gives a highly detailed account of everything they were singing about from life to birth to dying to their little fields and how they tilled the fields, how pigs and baboons raided their fields, how a boy went to Johannesburg, and much So this man who had only just arrived in the Nyika had already learned enough of a language to be able to give a detailed translation of these very elaborate songs This is just one example of the kind of fantasy world we are invited into by an individual who had an ability to take in all kinds of presumably quite intelligent people see the praise heaped on this book by people from Raymond Mortimer to Stephen Spender I would rather see praise from a few genuine Malawians who know the truth about their country and who have a sense of when a person is truly genuine.Far to be treasured than any of the contrived descriptions of this wonderful land in this Venture To The Interior are the kind of memories I have of the folk at Livingstonia who knew the Nyika as their everyday neighbour and who worked there to bring health and happiness to the people Dr Donald Brownlie in the back of a battered open truck sitting amongst a host of his patients, singing hymns with smiling faces as they trundled through the red dust negotiating the endless hairpin bends on their way to or from a clinic at the Lake shore 3000 feet below I think such as he will be remembered there in the heart of Africa when adventurers of a few days will have long passed out of sight.

  3. Alan D Conyard Alan D Conyard says:

    A great book by a great South African writer, naturalist, campaigner and soldier Written in the 1950 s it describes a low key expedition which, sadly , ended in tragedy Malawi Nyasaland as it was at the time of the events portrayed , is a beautiful country, rich in natural resources, with very friendly and welcoming people This is a very relevant book for anyone travelling to Malawi for the first time.

  4. kathleen stone kathleen stone says:

    read this book for 0 level in 1960 s wanted to re read cannot remember anything about it but did pass with an A grade Am enjoying the read.

  5. kaitch kaitch says:

    Travel, philosophy, history and excellent prose.

  6. Gherkin Gherkin says:

    Studied the book for GCE English Literature Van Der Post came to our Speech Day Wanted to read as an adult to see if the memories are the same, so far so good.

  7. Rev. I. J. Blyth Rev. I. J. Blyth says:

    I had heard of the competence of the author a great read Descriptions of the scenes are enchanting The story line is fascinating.

  8. Toad Toad says:

    As usual a great read, pity to think he made most of it up, still well worth reading a must for anyone who wants to know the other side of Africa, he some how captures it well

  9. Brian Allen Brian Allen says:

    This is one of van der Post s earliest books written in 1952 about his post WWII journey by aeroplane across Africa and to Nayasaland Malawi to survey the highlands of Mt Mlanje and the Nyika Plateau for the colonial British govenment.Anyone that has read Laurens van der Post knows that he is a master of description both of the land and the people he encounters I had wanted to read this book for years It was very highly recommended to me by a fellow Peace Corps volunteer while I was in Botswana in southern Africa After many years I found this on and finally read it and had a very difficult time putting it down to attend to the other demands of life It is a very good, engaging book.As you read this you will have to look beyond the colonial perspective that van der Post had regarding the British and the Malawian natives and see the riches of the country and it s people of that period van der Post reflects often on the people and his recent return from his ordeal as a prisoner of war.

  10. M. A. Klerx-Hardie M. A. Klerx-Hardie says:

    Laurens van der Post is my favorite writer He writes with such lovelove of the earth, love of nature, love of animals, love of plant life, love of humanitylove of life And he had a very sensitive antenna for eddies of feeling both from without and especially within himself and within our society.

  11. arkreader arkreader says:

    I used to live in East Africa and so was interested to see what it was like in 1952 Van der Post includes a lot of philosophizing in with the exploration, which I would have preferred less of Malawi is a country that is not heard about a lot I didn t know it had high mountains and I since went on the internet to see where he was and it is still the same On the whole I found it very interesting and I learned quite a bit about the old British colonial system from it

  12. Egberto Penido Egberto Penido says:

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