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Free ↠ Wifey By Judy Blume – [Reading] ➷ Wifey By Judy Blume – Wifey IMDb Wifey Actress Occupant Wifey was born on May in Oregon City Oregon USA as Sandra Otterson She is an actress known for Occupant Next Wifey Video Version YouTube Next's official music video f Wifey IMDb Wifey Actress Occupant Wifey was born on May in Oregon City Oregon USA as Sandra Otterson She is an actress known for Occupant Next Wifey Video Version YouTube Next's official music video for 'Wifey' Click to listen to Next on Spotify As featured on Platinum Gold Collec Wifey definition of Wifey by The Free Dictionary Prats wrote Happy Years months weeks days hours minutes seconds to my Wifey isabeloliprats Alam ko na hinanda akopara sayol Yung mga naging choices ko sa buhay heartbreaks pagkakamali hindi ako nagsisi Wifey dfinition de Wifey et synonymes de Wifey franais Wifey de son vrai nom Sandra Otterson ne Melchin est une actrice pornographiue amricaineElle est ne Oregon City Oregon le mai Elle dirige depuis le site Wifey's World avec son mari Hubby Kevin Otterson galement acteur X Le couple s'est rencontr au lyce et s'est mari aprs l'obtention de leurs diplmes Ils vivent actuellement dans le nord de Wifey definition and meaning | Collins English Wifey — Wikipdia Elle dirige depuis le site Wifey's World avec son mari Hubby Kevin Otterson galement acteur X Le couple s'est rencontr au lyce et s'est mari aprs l'obtention de leurs diplmes Ils vivent actuellement dans le nord de Scottsdale en Arizona et auraient trois enfants Les pseudonymes Wifey et Hubby sont des diminutifs de wife et husband c'est dire pouse et Rousie x MBT Wifey Official Audio YouTube Lyrics Rousie x MBT Music by Scorpio Recording Shano Rado Studio Arrangement DSL Studio MixMaster Drenski Studio A tyrbo Artwork J Wifey | Etsy Hubby Wifey Shirts Mr and Mrs Shirts Wifey and Hubby Tee Honeymoon shirts Newlywed shirts Hubby Wifey Shirts hubby Wifey shirt hubby Wifey HoodiniStore De la boutiue HoodiniStore toiles sur avis Prix rduit € € € Prix d'origine Next Wifey YouTube DISCLAIMER I Don't Own This Song No Copyright Intended This Song Belongs To Its Respective Owners Please Support The Artist By Buying Their SongsAlbums Wifey Traduzione in italiano esempi inglese | Traduzioni in contesto per Wifey in inglese italiano da Reverso Context So now I'm the Wifey.

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  1. karen karen says:

    there could be spoilers i don't know i have been drinkingso this is my first foray into the bodice rippers group's reading list i don't know it wasn't as bad as either of the two romance novels i had to read for my readers' advisory class but then again it also wasn't as unintentionally funny as either of them it was actually uite sad a sad book about reaching out with a vagina in order to find loveit chronicles the great american dream for women of the recent past find a nice enough well off husband get married have kidstend house play tennismake pot roast find yourself terribly boredattempt suicide have an affair or two stay with husband for the sake of the children or whatever close book poor wifey she has a nightmare husband and i do not buy any sympathetic last minute bullshit and i am glad that i waited to write this review until after the season premier of mad men because they have their similarities poor bored betty draper has one little affair and ends up marrying the guy and she gets called a whore by the man whose day is incomplete without an infidelity or two at least here the affairs are freuently a little giggly and overtsuburbia is a whirlwind of sexuality there are masturbating motorcyclists on front lawns pornographic anonymous phone calls husbands and wives swapping and topless parties and just that general fug of desperate sex that makes me feel so sorrowful inside the faux permissiveness where it is all right to fuck someone else's husband but still have weird hang ups about the body ugh now i have no interest in playing tennis or raising kids but i still am a bit of a chauvinisti don't know even though she is frigid and a terrible mother and has a shittily distant now ex husband i sort of envy betty draper if i had her life i would just be curled up all day reading i would probably ignore the kids as much as she does but i would have a maid for them to play with so whatever all i would have to do is like toss some shit in aspic and call it a meal smoke some cigarettes and look pretty the rest of the time would be all me time and that's all i want i like my job just fine but if i didn't have to work if all i had to do was read all day and occasionally frost a cake? i would be in fun city but wifey is a sad story she does not read all dayand that's what gets her gonorrhea now i am no whore but my genitals they have had some fun but what she is having here with her multiple infidelities is not fun it is like revenge and science all rolled into oneand this is judy blume the woman who taught us about menses and nocturnal emissions and fat chicks and divorce and who made me cry every time i read tiger eyes and i never read forever but i know very well what that book taught young girls make infidelity sound fun judy blumeregardless these are the things i have learned from this particular judy blume bookif a lady touches a man's nipples it makes him a fagwomen are jealous of the size of other women's nipplesif she has sex with him on top she is just some women's libber trying to overpower her manyou can hook up with your gynecologist and continue to go to him with your vagina for medical reasons and it just isn't awkward at alli am doing sex all wrongoverall the book is very all right it is not comical enough to poke fun at and it is not good enough to really like but it is a fast read with no headaches; it is a fine one day diversion now there are some strawberries that have been marinating on the champagne at the bottom of this glass that need my attentioncome to my blog

  2. Mir Mir says:

    Wifey is the anti romance No sympathetic characters no personal growth no love no happy ending A common theme of romance novels is individuals helping one another to heal emotional wounds These may result from childhood trauma or abuse oppression by family members or society in general on the basis of gender appearance reputation etc or experiences of violence grief or betrayal If this were a romance Sandy would come to grips with her unhappiness the shallowness of her existence and falseness of her mother's and peer group's expectations She would grow as a person and acknowledge her true desires And she would have better sexNone of this happens The book contains sex aplenty but no sensuality and no affection The characters are alienated from one another and from themselves In fact they are written to be incapable of growth flat and sterile as paper dolls Sandy's inability to see those around her even her own family members as real people who must have thoughts and needs signs her own emotional retardation She is not a person she is cipher for a demographic of women whose crippled condition Blume wishes to convey If I believed that Sandy was a real person that people were really this flat this stupid and selfish and incapable of thought or growth I would have to rethink a number of the philosophical underpinnings of my life For instance I might shift from believing that every individual has inherent worth and rights to agreeing with eugenicists that inferior specimens should be euthanized or sterilized Sandy and Norman don't seem like they'd miss the kids anyway However I don't believe this While I buy that not everyone can succeed in overcoming early childhood conditioning and free herself to find a fulfilling life I don't accept that anyone is this boring I've met people who seemed this boring but we are in Sandy's head and there should be there My father used to tell me There are no normal people just people you don't know very well yet Blume doesn't do the normal people justice I was tempted to theorize about Sandy being a repressed sociopath That would explain her utter lack of emotional connection and there are those fantasies of violence against her husband But in the end I decided that would be too interesting

  3. Eh?Eh! Eh?Eh! says:

    Rbrs #5Whoa Judy BlumeThis is mos def just realized I picked this abbr up from Ceridwen thanks NOT a Romance romance group we've lost our way let's get back to the cheese and giggling Other than aitch ee double hockeysticks I can only describe this book as a situation that would create a Romance reader I know there are probably well balanced happy women out there who gulp down the Romancesbut there are also probably extremely unhappy women who would substitute fantastical and repetitive paperback novels for the lack of passion and satisfaction with life Meet the main character of this book SandySandy's unhappiness with a materially comfortable but lackluster marriage to a colorless husband is inarticulate She wants More excitement joy More love? She attempts to gain this More by having sex with men But see she has a super hoohaa that gives her fireworks twice each time she and her husband Norman have a little something so really it's not the sex that she needsNorman Since the POV is Sandy's we don't see what goes on in his head I think I may know a Norman irl someone who wants a routine and freedom to do his guy stuff and not have to say all that touchy feely junk and is so confused why his wives have not stayed with him I can't say I understand him but I do pity the fool To grow up with a certain system and do all the things to have that system for yourself then find that she wants you to second her emotions and be unable to adapt? That seems to be the sad grayness of many domestic partnershipsBlume's writing in this book is simple often sounding like she's writing for elementary school kids I guess it's a style that's hard to shake It's especially expressed when Norman speaks I'll have to add some uotes when I have the book in front of meThen that endinghmm I don't like it I don't believe the reader is meant to like it It's ice water on the whole roaring womengirlpower idea not all splashy like and sudden but hypothermia like and sneaky You attempt to break out of the untenable that is eating you away by teaspoons but the first sign of concession is so new and misinterpreted as a sign of complete change that you forget it's freezing and throw off your clothes It's warm after all You never notice when you die

  4. Ellen Ellen says:

    The naked man in full erection who arrives on Sandy’s lawn like the Ghost of Christmas Future does indeed “point” the way as his actions are both metaphoric and prophetic From her bedroom window Sandy watches the man who discards the sheet initially draped over him masturbates and then leaves on a motorcycle He knows she is watching and she knows he knows Though the scene is charged with sexual tension it is at a remove and both inexplicable and random It’s hard to know what Judy Blume hoped to accomplish with this foray into adult literature Although the book has elements of romance fiction it’s no bodice ripper While there are moments of cultural commentary it is a not a serious novel Though Sandy’s desire to escape from her affluent suburban life deadened by dull friends and an even duller husband is evident the book lacks the feminist heft of The Awakening or even Diary of a Mad Housewife a book referenced in the novel Within this generic mishmash parts of the book reminded me of other literature Early on Sandy daydreams that her husband has died Like the woman in Kate Chopin’s “Story of an Hour” who has just learned of her husband’s death Sandy guiltily contemplates what Norman’s death would mean “ Free free free She’d never been free could only imagine what it might be like” After Sandy’s sister Myra and her husband Gordon have their home in Jamaica burglarized and are threatened with physical danger they flee back to New Jersey and create a Jamaican like “wooded paradise out of their bare acre lot” which conceals an intricate alarm system Here though there is the illusion of safety Like the characters in Nadine Gordimer’s chilling short story “Once Upon a Time” Myra and her husband Gordon seek to wall out real life pretending it doesn’t exist Similarly the book presents a clear eyed view of “white flight” and the economic excuses whites used to cloak their racismThough the book has interesting elements that could have been developed further Blume dithers Sandy’s actions like those of her masturbating visitor are sexually motivated but random and inexplicable Sandy recoils when Norman calls her “wifey” on their wedding night but she acts diminutively like a little girl She’s dissatisfied with Norman’s stolid demeanor and his mechanical approach to sex and she’s dissatisfied with her life Yet she does little to make any changes and throughout the book is acted on rather than acting Sex comes to her the masturbating man on the lawn the man whispering in her ear the unbidden advances of Gordon who as her gynecologist has admired her little pussy for some time and the return of Shep the man she thinks she should have married Spoiler alertThough the book is loosely constructed throughout the rapid and disjointed unraveling at the end of the book prompt a reader to wonder if Blume just lost her mind Out of the blue Sandy contemplates suicide with a gun no less Then—on seeing Gordon whom she retained as her gynecologist post affair eww she learns her sexual awakening has resulted in gonorrhea and all partners need to be informed Including Norman The upshot? Some sturm and drang but the book ends on a touching note Sandy’s going to shave her cute little pussy and Norm will try to be adventuresome The masturbating motorcyclist appears one last time but Sandy has the feeling he won’t be back Judy you should have stuck with Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing and Superfudge

  5. Meredith Holley Meredith Holley says:

    This book is the outtakes from every David Lynch movie Not the blooper reel but the scenes that Lynch cut to shave some minutes or just because they were unnecessary and boring It is in that way a found art piece of all the scraps of daily life and all the momentous decisions people make to be boring To me Blume got the inner life of this cowardly woman Sandy all wrong And I can understand why that would happen I think women especially married women but actually most of us learn to protect ourselves from judgment and ostracism by writing so many layers of narrative about our selves and then wrapping our real vulnerable selves up in those narratives Eventually something that we were playing at becomes who we are in an instinctive way But I don’t think it becomes who we are in a complete way SPOILERSFor example Sandy’s outer narrative is the happy homemaker and Blume’s inner narrative of her is the scared little girl who longs for sexual freedom Sandy chooses to abandon the ephemera of sexual freedom because she is a coward She realizes that she would be eually unhappy in any marriage so she chooses to stay in an abusive one She is a threat from Judy Blume to every unhappy housewife who doesn’t value her own sexuality At the same time she is Blume’s symbol of the futility of women fighting for freedom in a biased world She is Blume’s cowardly version of Edna PontellierI don’t buy it though I just do not believe that people are that boring I think there is that is villainous and that is heroic in every person than Sandy’s outer and inner narratives allow Honestly I’ve thought a lot about these inner and outer stories because Sandy is exactly what my mom’s story of herself always was That’s not to say that it was a revelatory experience to read this book It was like a joke I’ve heard so many times that I forget the end is even a punch line My mom left her Norman and chose her Shep but that is neither here nor there really in the story END SPOILERS And I guess that’s my problem No woman’s story is actually about her relationship to men When women frame them that way I think it’s a smoke screen for an inner life of which they are honestly ashamed or even of which they are so proud and protective that they can’t share it Blume sets up an outer Republican Sandy and an inner Democrat Sandy thereby keeping all of her selves shallow and politicalThat is to say that this story about the inner life of a suburban housewife written by a woman fails the Bechtel test credits to Ceridwen and Sock Puppet for bringing that wonderful invention to my notice And I get that sex is the point of the story but even in the lesbian adolescence scene Blume describes one girl as the man and one as the woman clear that the conduct is about preparing for later heterosexual sex not about the relationship between the two girls Then the description uickly jumps to Sandy’s uncle feeling up his sister in law And I guess I’m making these criticisms because I don’t think it’s fair to compare this book to bodice rippers or paranormal romance This book is not silly by any stretch of the imagination It is not about sunsets and dragons and symbolical fantasy It is about reality and real fantasy So it fails It’s not true Sandy’s inner reality is garbage just like her outer reality I do not believe that an experience between two adolescent girls lying naked in a bed would contain as little intimacy or feeling as Blume describes I’m not saying that Blume is lying I’m just saying that her writing here is as cowardly as Sandy And I think when women do the zombie act it’s just that – an act On some level I’ll accept that it is a coping mechanism but it is not real Maybe it is just my paranoia but I think feminine cowardice is a lot sinister than it looks It is a passive aggressive version of ambitionAt its best this book has the atmosphere of Romeo and Juliet some morons trying to work out their feelings while the world crumbles around them At its worst this book is Eat Pray Love’s mom – trying to show that women aren’t idiots by working with the premise that women are children After all who protests the most about not being children? Children Ultimately even if you look past all the garbage of Sandy’s fantasies and shallow turmoil this book still commits the ultimate sin It is boring Also all the food they eat is really gross

  6. Trin Trin says:

    While I was reading this book I started indulging in little fantasies Mine were a bit different from the protagonist Sandy's whose bad porn like daydreams fucking the plumber classic are her only escape from her stultifying marriage to New Jersey dry cleaning magnate Norman Pressman Ooh sneaky pun there Judy For example Sandy was staring out the window when Norman came back from walking the dog He did three sticksor maybe four I don't rememberNorman are you feeling all right?Yes No There was a suspicious character lurking at the end of the block He tried to I didn't get a very good look at him He was probably a ductla It'll all be better when we move to the new houseMaybe you should go to bedAll right Maybe we both shouldI don't have my diaphragm inCome on San I'm feeling it Are you feeling it? With a sudden movement he pressed his face against her neck Sandy threw her mind back to the Rambler with Shep You smell so good San Norman said nuzzling her His forehead was slick with sweat In the doorway Banushka started growlingSandy tried to suirm away At least let me put in my diaphragmI DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FUCKING DIAPHRAGM Norman stared up at her his eyes wild and red His mouth was open in a snarlSandy shrieked and stumbled back His fingernails were digging into her wrist Sandy grabbed onto the nightstand and tugged her arm free Norman was still advancing snarling and hissing but his movements seemed drunken uncoordinated Great strings of spittle dripped down his chin along with something viscous and black When he lunged at her Sandy didn't think but simply grabbed the can of Lysol and sprayed him full in the faceNorman collapsed on the floor howling like an animal Sandy vaulted past him into the next room She couldn't decide what to do Call the police? Somehow this seemed a little above Officer Hubanski's pay gradeShe was still hesitating by the phone when Norman lurched into the living room His posture was hunched his arms hanging down like an ape's His eyes were bloodshot and wild Sandy sucked in a shaky breath Nothing her mother had told her had prepared her for this Still she knew what she had to doWhen Norman launched himself at her Sandy grabbed a 9 iron out of her lemon yellow golf bag and swung it at his head with all her mightA few seconds later Norman was lying dead on the floor and Sandy was standing over him his blood and brain matter decorating her blouseJust like Jackie Kennedy she thoughtYeah so My imagination's a bit violent than Sandy's Possibly I should talk to someone about thatIn all seriousness though I liked this book It was tart and sharp and realistic—painfully so I liked that Blume never inserted herself heh into the narrative the whole book takes place in Sandy's half brain so we never get the relief of leaving her narrow world to a place where we might look down upon it and make smug authorial or readerly judgments It's suffocating being stuck with Sandy in 1970 New Jersey in that awful first home with Norman I was seriously longing for some zombie mayhem by the end or even just a plain old fashioned knee applied to Norman's tiny old fashioned balls You know if someone like Nora Ephron made this book into a movie Sandy would kick Norman to the curb at the end steal Shep's Porsche and drive off into the sunset with the top down while I'm Every Woman or something blasted from the speakers But Blume's got a lot restraint The novel she's written is frustrating but I think that's entirely the point This whole book is a stifled scream

  7. Billy Billy says:

    Wifey tries hard to be The Awakening It tries and it fails Where The Awakening had a somewhat sympathetic protagonist Wifey's main protagonist is just annoying and dare I say it ignorant Where in The Awkening Edna came off as being a mature insightful character Wifey's Sandy in contrast seems like a never satisfied childIt is impossible to feel for Sandy or have any type of sympathy for this character at all Throughout the book Sandy comes across as being completely wrong Holden Caufield from The Catcher in the Rye has a similar predicament in characterization but with one saving grace Holden is meant to be wrong the reader is meant to realize Holden is wrong and before the end he's called out as being wrong; and because of this flaw we find a connection to ourselves underneath his elitist attitude In Sandy's case even if we are to realize that she is wrong everyone who calls her wrong is wrong and messed up than she is Yes maybe that's how Blume wanted Sandy to come off Maybe this is exactly what Blume was trying to show If so then fine immature characters are throughout literature But normally they are sectioned off as side characters not as figures whom the audience must feel for

  8. nicole nicole says:

    A 1970s suburban housewife's sexual awakening while her kids are away at summer campEveryone in my office is talking about 50 Shades of Grey There is literally at least a half hour conversation about it every day I have been on the hold list for our e book copy for months at this point having been number three hundred something when I first joined One of my coworkers was absolutely aghast that I would even think of reading it without first reading this Judy Blume classic Particularly since I have an 11 x 14 sized poster of Judy next to my desk and whenever I'm feeling particularly down or stressed out I turn to it for guidance Don't all librarian do that?Judy B is one of my absolute idols and I adored reading this mostly because it made me blush a million shades of red on the PATH And then came into the office gave an arched eyebrow to that poster and said JUDY It was a nicely timed read alongside this week's Mad Men although my notes are from three weeks old at this point and I can't remember which particular episode that is The real kicker of reading this is finding out that Natasha hadn't read Are You There God It's Me Margaret which is basically Wifey for fifth graders Get on that

  9. meg meg says:

    an adult novel by judy blume indeed did you write tales of a fourth grade nothing with that typewriter judy? damn this 1978 story of a bored new jersey housewife was mostly depressing though that's probably the point as a novel for grown ups this book has sex and awkwardly racist characters sure but judy b definitely has a lot heart to her novels when she's writing for kids and teens i mean margaret grew up in suburban new jersey too and she and her parents had a lot going on as characters than sandy and norman and their family and friends could ever dream of alas

  10. Courtnie Courtnie says:

    Oh sweet heaven baby crocus where do I start? Well let's start here I'm not really leaving anything on the table for this one so buyer beware I'm going to spoil this good I finished this book this afternoon and disappointed to say the least My hunch is that this book had it's heyday when it was released and wasn't meant to really stand the test of time Sandy Pressman is a wife and a mother of two circa 1970 The expectations of her life is what you'd expect of white suburbia at this time and she's fulfilled those expectations She married a solidly employed guy they had a couple of kids they live in a 3 bedroom she has a dinner schedule Pot Roast on Thursdays don't forget Sandy is discontent to say the least The source of her discontent seems to be her husband Norman who fills a specific role in their relationship and nothing He's the provider Sandy may want from her life but it isn't until a strange morning visitor on her lawn performs a lewd act that she is snapped out of haze of discontent This one event seems to be the catalyst to the answer that Sandy didn't know she was looking for what she needs of seemingly is sex Here's where it startsand for me where it ends We aren't a chapter into this book and I'm just certain that what we'll find that what Sandy really needs is an emotional connection and that we'll wade through a story perhaps a lurid story I'm never really afraid of those of someone who may or may not find what they're looking for This is not that story I'm not actually sure what this story was and uite frankly wondering if I'm just too stupid to get it because I'm in the minority on this one people may not love it but they have found value in it As for me I found this to be a colossal waste of time So much so that I'd like to rant about it for a minute Sandy after being shocked by the act on her lawn and the fact that she saw another mans erection that's not her husband starts spiraling into fantasy land Sometimes she just carries these sexual fantasies through to their conclusions in her head sometimes the real life encounters that she falls into are less than fantastical I think those are supposed to be funny but they're anything but humorous to me First there is the encounter with her drunken brother in law who is perhaps feeling a little insecure about his life with his wife her sister She resists his advances at a wild party at first but basically capitulates when she realizes that she is indeed a little turned on despite the fact that she's not really attracted to her brother in law and really he was not really paying attention to her half hearted protests and it also feels so good so why not? Before she really had a chance to figure out all the conseuences for herself it felt so good that she was having a such a good time that she finds herself laughing toward the endonly to find that her brother in law is immediately sobbing and remorseful And so it goes Here's my problem with this and a couple other fantasy scenes carried through There is only the act There is not a moment of attraction there's not a moment of thought about what she wants or what the ramifications are or even what would follow there is no emotion or realization about what she's missing in her life Sandy basically gives up any power as a character when she can't think past the part that feels good and it's so incredibly frustrating because she actually has a regular sex life with her husband one in which she finds completion even if she finds it boring and emotionless What's my point here? My point is that this isn't a character who gets caught up in the moment experiencing things in her life that she didn't think previously possible this is someone who is displaying weak moral character with a side of complete lack of judgement Even though she hates that she's called emotionally immature in her own story she s indeed emotionally immatureCould this be forgiven? Sure If she found a semblance of emotional growth in the rest of the story But instead it goes down like this Sandy screws her brother in law fantasizes about screwing a plumber and cabana boy meets a friends husband for dinner and an X rated movie with bonus time afterword he can't keep an erection however and this too is supposed to be funny ?but I just can't get past the part where she once again falls into a situation where she protests and uickly submits after a nudge or two is propositioned by a married man and a kid caddy seriously she's suddenly the most desirable woman in the tri state area and finally starts a real affair with an old fling who is also married with children and expects this lightening relationship to a turn into a real commitment For the first time she experiences tenderness and cuddling in the afterglow and isn't it swellWhen that doesn't work out for every reason that you knew it wouldn't he loves his wife can't abandon his family why can't they just have this relationship on the side? she realizes her kids don't need her like they once did she has no place in her husbands interests of golf and tennis and pushy attempts and getting her to fit in at his country club AND she finds out she has somehow contracted gonorrhea That last was probably the fault of that married schlep who showed her tenderness he spent a lot of time tenderizing other women before her I gatherAt this point Sandy considers suicide I suppose this is where I should be sympathetic but I really HATE everyone in this book by now and can gather no sympathy I hate that Sandy is stupid that she betrayed her sister that she can't figure out a healthy way out of her life that she can't find a hobby that she lives in fear and is a victim while knowingly hurts her husband I hate that her husband is a jerk that he ignores her few cries for help that he does hit her when he finds out about her infidelity But most of all I hate how this book was handled I don't like how everyone is emotionless robot about real issues and at the last minute Blume throws in a twist with a secret good deed of Norman's in an attempt to show that he does have feelings which brings Sandy and Norman into a space where they can talk I hate that this book is full of unaddressed racism handled as casually as dinner conversation I hate that if this is book about women being stuck in their choices why Sandy and Norm stay together but Sandy doesn't have an ounce of remorse for her actions and seems to stay because there is no other choiceIn the introduction Judy Blume explains that she left her marriage and took her two kids away and sat down after being a best selling children's author and wrote this book While she says that this story isn't a representation of her own story I have to wonder what the purpose of this particular book is it oozes bitterness discontent and not a single sound choice It seems odd to me that the woman who made a way for herself to leave an unhappy place would write a book with such a desolate conclusion In the end Sandy does not find contentment she finds a sort of compromise about what Norman is willing to do in their sex life Yuck shakes off frustration

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