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[PDF] Wild Things By C.C. Finlay – serv3.3pub.co.uk [PDF / Epub] ✅ Wild Things By C.C. Finlay – Serv3.3pub.co.uk The first short story collection by the acclaimed author of The Prodigal TrollContents Wild thing Pervert Still life with action figure A Game of chicken Lucy in her splendor The Frontier archipelago The first short story collection by the acclaimed author of The Prodigal TrollContents Wild thing Pervert Still life with action figure A Game of chicken Lucy in her splendor The Frontier archipelago The Seal hunter The Smackdown outside Dedham Footnotes The Political officer Fading uayle dancing uayle After the gaud chrysalis The Factwhore proposition We come not to praise Washington.

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  1. Kalin Kalin says:

    There comes a moment some time after you've read your first three hundred books in a certain language but before you've read a thousand when you think Okay From here on I'll be reading for new ideas or for fun I mean what else can I possibly learn about the language itself?Then inevitably there comes a book like thisAnd you're back to suare one To humility To an open and receptive mind To the blessed hungerBlessed be Mr Finlay Charley Now I'm forth to suare oneSome of the acute refreshers Wild Thing scintillates with unexpected turns of phrase and the unexpected otherworldly thoughts they bring along Such asDid you accomplish nothing?We died m'Lady  That is nothing enough for those that diedOrHush the Lady smiled  My little neighbor has a mouth whose capacity far exceeds the size of his simple brain  Some things that fall out of it belong at the other end of the tunnel that passes through him Oh parents from Still Life with Action FigureHis dad shifted uncomfortably several times and sighedWhere the fuck did I go wrong Manny?What do you mean?His father hesitated  You know  Two kids with my genes my fucking genes  You should both be great artists  One of you draws comics and the other one trades Barbie dolls on eBay  You ever going to give up that comic shit Manny?Maybe maybe not  Who knowsview spoilerBut thenHe poked through the mail until he found the card from Meg and his father  Holding it up to the light didn't reveal anything so he ripped it open  There was a check not a huge check not enough to uit his job but not a small one either and a note from his Dad written in crabbed careful letters fighting to control every twist and curve describing how his parents had made it possible for him to spend a year painting when they realized he was serious how he wanted to pass that gift on was sorry he couldn't do hide spoiler

  2. Mary Soon Lee Mary Soon Lee says:

    This collection of Charles Coleman Finlay's short fiction displays great diversity ranging from a uirky three page science fiction piece Footnotes through alternate history Arthurian legends humor a zombie apocalypse and a spacefaring novella Perhaps my single favorite story was Pervert a dark and moving glimpse into a world where hetrosexuality is taboo which leaves it to the reader to reflect on euivalences in our own world As with several of the other stories in the collection Pervert while complete in itself seemed part of something larger and I would have been happy to read an entire novel about its characters I also particularly liked the novella The Political Officer even though it left me with many unanswered uestions the first being are there stories in this setting? The section with the radiation emergency chilled me even as it gripped me conjuring shades of Fukushima and Chernobyl Although I almost invariably dislike stories with fairies in them Wild Thing overcame my prejudices and enchanted me My other favorites were Still Life with Action Figure and the two stories about Broadnax I note that I am a reader with a strong preference for unambiguously likable protagonists and as such there were a few stories in the collection that I didn't warm to Then again that's the same reason I have no plans to ever read a second novel by John Updike yet Updike's literary reputation is uite secure This is a strong collection

  3. Craig Craig says:

    This is a very good collection of stories The thing that surprised me the most about it was that I had always thought of Finlay as primarily a fantasy writer but I thought the science fiction and horror stories included here were superior

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