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Download PDF  With Nothing But Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald Dear Canada Author Karleen Bradford – ❰KINDLE❯ ❀ With Nothing But Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald Dear Canada Author Karleen Bradford – When Mary's family sides with the British against the American rebels they are branded traitors and forced to flee their home All they have is what they can carry with them — and their determination When Mary's But Our PDF/EPUB ã family sides with the British against the American rebels they are branded traitors and forced to flee their home All they have is what they can carry with them — and their determination and courage — when they head north toward Canada Along with other Loyalists they hope to start a new life in uébec where there is land for those With Nothing Kindle - who have been loyal to the King But the journey is treacherous the winter bitterly cold and the MacDonalds find it hard to survive Even with the supplies from Nothing But Our Courage The PDF/EPUB ² Britain clearing the land to build their home is a struggle But will they even survive to forge a new life in a new land.

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  1. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    Now before I actually start reviewing Karleen Bradford’s With Nothing but Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald I want to point out this For all intents and purposes the United Empire Loyalists were ALL REFUGEES and thus for ANY contemporary Canadians spewing racial bigotry and animosity towards recent refugees from places like Syria and Afghanistan well if your own ancestors were United Empire Loyalists your animosity towards recent refugees is not only totally unacceptable considering your family background but yes you also are majorly denigrating and trashing your brave refugee ancestors and the hardships they as United Empire Loyalists had to generally endure both on their often desperate escapes from the USA northwards and later when they were attempting to settle and make new lives for themselves and theirs And yes indeed of the Dear Canada series With Nothing but Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald has most definitely been one of my favourites to date For one With Nothing but Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald features a both important and also interesting piece of Canadian history since the settlement of much of uebec Ontario and parts of the Maritimes was indeed very much influenced and shaped by the post American Revolution arrival of many thousands of Loyalists by the arrival of scores of refugees from the recently declared independent United States of America And for two with young and of course also fictional diarist Mary MacDonald author Karleen Bradford has certainly created a both immensely likeable and personally relatable twelve year old main protagonist whose narrative voice in With Nothing but Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary MacDonald absolutely sparkles with presented realism detailing in the journal entries the many hardships the MacDonald family as Loyalists have to endure on their trek northwards to Canada after being chased out of Albany New York not only losing their home and being called traitors by most of their former neighbours and friends but also having to face their youngest daughter’s death en route but of course also showing the MacDonalds’ fortitude and yes their courage moving slowly from despair to hope and also accepting that their settlement in Canada in what is now Canada will be permanent that there will in fact be no return to the USA and to the family’s former lifeHighly recommended is With Nothing but Our Courage The Loyalist Diary of Mary McDonald but with the caveat that young Mary’s featured diary does pretty well depict and portray nearly all of the American “patriots” as being total and utterly ruthless villains which is of course rather one sided at best but considering that Karleen Bradford has Mary MacDonald experience first had and at a young age her family being called traitors her father’s school being burned down and them all being threatened with physical violence even with hanging if the MacDonalds do not pack up and immediately leave in my opinion her reaction in her diary is understandable and entirely natural

  2. Nies Nies says:

    Considering I read this as an adult and it's written for children I didn't have super high expectations for uality of authorship and historical authenticity I was pleasantly surprised The story was interesting enough to draw me in and the history was good down to the small details like herbal remedies I read the book with friends while reenacting part of the experience of Loyalist refugees at an event at Ft Saint Jean in uebec which was slightly surreal I highly recommend the Dear AmericaCanada books for kids but also for adults They're a uick but enjoyable read Good on the author for doing her research

  3. Megurine Megurine says:

    that's my first dear Canada book I ever read and it was the book that encourage me to read dear canada series it was a sweet story and make me tear up at the end The ending was expected but it was still sad

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Mary MacDonald is a young girl who lives with her family in Albany New York But in 1783 after the American Revolution the family is forced to leave their home just because they supported the British in the war They decide to head for uebec in British Canada The journey is long difficult and dangerous and the family faces many hardships along the way Their troubles do not end when they reach their new home and must build a new life in the wilderness from almost nothing Mary describes her life in her diary as she makes new friends finds romance and suffers through hardship and tragedy This book is one of my favorites in the Dear Canada series As an American I also found it interesting to read about the other side in the Revolutionary War Most of the Loyalists were just ordinary families who happened to support the side that lost and as a result their lives were turned upside down Mary was a sympathetic character who came alive in her diary just an ordinary girl whose family happened to be on the wrong side I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy historical diary fiction

  5. Rossdavidh Rossdavidh says:

    My daughter has been reading American Girl and Dear America books for several years now and they have introduced her to a number of different periods in American history It occurred to me that there might be an advantage in getting the Canadian perspective on a few of these so I ordered a few books in the Dear Canada series I figured it would make sense for me to read them first before making my daughter read them This book which is the diary of a girl in a Loyalist family in the aftermath of the American Revolution is the first oneThe book's very first page lets you know that this is not the American point of view The Patriots who eject Mary MacDonald's family from their Albany home are not very nice about it and we get the clear impression that they were willing to be a whole lot meaner if the MacDonald family didn't take the hint if hint is the right word for having your house trashed while you're in it The book tells of the journey of this family eventually meeting up with other Loyalist families north into Canada then further north up to the point where they have been given land to settle It's sort of like Little House on the Prairie but with a very different start; the MacDonalds are refugees not settlersIn any kids' book on history there is a uestion of how to balance the young readers' sensitivities with the need to tell an accurate history in which some horrible things happened Too harsh and the reader or their parents will recoil; too gentle and you're giving them an inaccurate version of history Kathleen Bradford does a pretty good job of that and we end up seeing a bit of death a bit of privation but not so much of each that a young reader can't enjoy the tale of how young Mary manages to make sense of the way her world has been turned upside downI don't know enough Canadian history to be able to comment on the accuracy of the book's portrayal generally Certainly the way in which relations with Native Americans are exclusively friendly within this book seems a little suspect to me But Bradford does a good job of showing how communities or in some cases even families were torn apart by the American War of Independence and that is already a pretty heavy topic for young readers Mary comes through as a distinctive and likeable protagonistI will be passing this one on to my daughter and we'll see how her take on it differs from mine Now if only there were a Dear Mexico series for me to look into

  6. Georgia Georgia says:

    Life has been hard for twelve year old Mary MacDonald and her family Its 1783 and the Americans have won their independance from Britain Unfortunatly the MacDonalds have sided with Britain and other Loyalists Shortly after Mary begins her diary her papa is tarred and feathered in front of the town One of the patriots gives them a pass to leave New York they do so But before they leave Mary's Grannie digs up a small patch of her lilac bush before there home is burned down by their former friends They begin their journey to uebec travelling with Natives who are on their way to the Niagra Region When they are boarding a boat to travel up Lake Champlain Mary meets a girl named Hannah who is her age They finally reach uebec but had to sell most of their things to afford the passage They run into Mary's older brother Angus and his friend Duncan who have recently escaped war prison The story tells about the MacDonald's struggles and the mystery behind Duncan's family who are rebels and Mary's growing affection for him I really liked this book Their was alot of suspense and it told about their troubles with neighbours who used to be their friends Another great Dear Canada book

  7. Ashley Newell Ashley Newell says:

    Had to read this to prepare my grade 5's for their social studies project While I love the Dear CanadaDear America series especially for their age group this one was not the best But I am probably bias in many ways For starters I'm not a grade 5 Secondly I'm not a city born girl like many of the students in my class so multiple entries about the weather and bugs isn't exactly exciting news to me However considering how many of my students are city born and even internationally born the insight into settling in the wilderness would be very valuable to them it just so happens that visiting settlements in the middle of nowhere was part of my up bringing The journal started strong depicting how crule the Patriots could be to the Loyalists And I thoroughly enjoyed the backstory of the character Duncan; in fact I think I will base the model project on his story because of the family based tensions

  8. Charity Charity says:

    Wow what a read I can't believe this diary is written by a 1213 year old girl It was done beautifully and the description of events was so well done It totally described what the loyalist went through during the late 1700 From school I kind of learned what the loyalist went through but to read it from a diary of a girl that went through it first hand it was totally different experience It made me really think about what they went through and also get to know what my family went through during that time as they were part of that too Overall it was an amazing read and I think I will probably read some of these types of diaries and maybe even try keeping a diary of my own XD

  9. Shanelle Shanelle says:

    Another book from the Dear Canada series With Nothing But Our Courage is about the battle between the Loyalists and Patriots during the years 1783 1784 This story features a young girl Mary MacDonald and her family who travel from the United States to Canada after being forced from their home for being Loyalists A great read for readers of all ages

  10. Jenna Leigh Jenna Leigh says:

    I've been reviewing the Dear Canada series for several days now and I'm starting to run out of things to say This like all of the other books was a great starting place for me to learn about a new subject pertaining to Canadian history Great book to learn about the Loyalists during the American Revolution

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