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[Ebook] Worthy of Love? By J. Lea – serv3.3pub.co.uk [Read] ➪ Worthy of Love? ➲ J. Lea – Serv3.3pub.co.uk They say everything happens for a reason Maybe they are right but I don`t really agreeWhen I was 14 the life I knew turned upside down I was devastatedEvery time I looked myself in the mirror I saw th They say everything happens for a reason Maybe they are right but I don`t really agreeWhen I was the life I knew turned upside down I was Worthy of PDF or devastatedEvery time I looked myself in the mirror I saw this ugly girl looking at me Love obviously wasn't a part of my plan any How could it beBut then I met him And it happened Suddenly and without a warning I want him I crave him Every fiber of my being yearns for him He is the one who makes my heart sing and the one who hunts my dreams at night But I can never have him After all he is forbidden.

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  1. Jessi Jessi says:

    Worthy of Love is a great story of overcoming tragedy in adolescence learning to move one and to live life to the fullestLori went through a horrible situation when she was only 14 that affected her health and forever changed her family With her adolescences stolen from her she most learn to trust again and move on Her family relocates to Denver where she attends a speed dating event with her best friend and meets Parker The two are immediately attracted to each other Only Lori's life is not done throwing her curve balls She and Parker cannot be together and it is really hard for her and Parker to come to terms with thisThis was a cute book about first loves growing up and overcoming tragedy The story line switches back and forth between present Lori age 18 and younger Lori age 14 to explain her past It was well written and flowed smoothly The side characters didn't have major roles except Elias who is my favorite character his personality made the bookThe author did an excellent job with her characters While she put Lori through so much tragedy at such a young age she didn't over do it made it is seem real and it made an excellent story

  2. Lučka Lučka says:

    5 worthy of love starsI didn't know anything about this Slovenian author until I joined one of the reading groups I was intrigued by her books but anxious at the same time Anxious because I'm an honest person and I didn't want to write I don't like her writing style Yeah that's so not going to happen SeriouslyI was instantly hooked and couldn't put it down I made it to 82% at 1 am when I reluctantly put my Kindle away I finished it first thing in the morning I'm a big sucker for teacherstudent forbidden love trope ever since I first read Vampire Academy And Lea wrote it in such a beautiful wayLori I really liked her even if she sometimes acted immature She's a teen of course she's going to act immature I find that believable than a teen acting like an adult This beautiful broken girl is so worthy of love after everything that happened to her But what really sold the story for me was the hero All I can think of is Where the hell were all these hot teachers when I was in school?Parker the former kickboxer champion biker German teacher possessive jealous but very sweet and protective alpha hottie He's my new fictional boyfriend I really enjoyed the plot The abuse stigma guilt self worth middlehigh school drama forbidden love etc I had tears in my eyes once or twice I even liked view spoilerI didn't know you're a highschool studentteacher hide spoiler

  3. Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ Flavs is Mrs David Gandy♥~♥’ says:

    45 Stars Copy received from author in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this book so muchLori meets Parker on her way to a speed dating event when he stops to help her change her tyre and she thinks that was the last time she saw him But guess who shows up at the speed datingThey hit it off immediately And for Lori it is a big step after everything that she has been through to connect with a man and to have these feelingsThis book was sad for me but also full of so many good things I loved Parker from the minute they first met he had his moments in the book where I wanted to Slap the crap out of him but mostly he was just there for herLori has a lot of secrets from Parker and it was interesting to me that the one that was the least 'bad' is the one she had the most issue with revealingI loved Lori's best friend he was the funniest uirkiest friend and an awesome best friendYou will enjoy this book it has so many good things that you just have to buy it to see what you are MISSING Thank J Lea for the opportunity to read this book it was awesome

  4. Z ~ The Diary of Book Enthusiasts Z ~ The Diary of Book Enthusiasts says:

    You know that feeling when you think the plot is meh but you still end up liking some parts of the book? That's exactly how I feel about Worthy of LoveI didn't think there was much plot The story is unraveled in two different time the past and the present I don't like books where I am being spoon fed and the way this book is written is exactly like that It felt like I was following two different stories and if it hadn't been for the clear information that I'm reading about the story of the same person I would have thought there wasn't a connection between the two because the chapters written in the past and the ones written in the present didn't meet somewhere in the story Spoon feeding babyThe characters were okay This book tells about a lot of struggles in the eighteen years of Lori's life She'd been through a lot for someone so young but that happens Her story is touching and maybe some can relate She would have been a strong character if not for her self esteem problems that she didn't get rid of until the end I didn't feel like the author executed Lori's strong side in the way that will give it justice Her character development is also next to nonexistent since I didn't feel a change in her resolve and tone of voice When I read a book I don't just rely on the words themselves I rely on the emotions behind it on the way they are written so I can feel whatever change comes to a character I didn't feel this in LoriParker Lori's love interest is described as a hunk I didn't feel like he's a main character This is not an issue for me because I deemed this book Lori's life story not her love story Having a love interest felt like only a bonus I would have loved to see of Parker of his past and an elaboration and exploration of his dream There wasn't much subplot in hereMy favorite character is Tyler Lori's little brother Sadly I didn't get much of him in this book He's just so adorableThere are some other issues I have in this book Lori had a bad experience when she was young and I would have thought that experience would make her wary of similar moments happening in the present view spoilerShe was sexually abused by her coach when she was fourteen and this is only the first tile of the domino that fell but when she met Parker she didn't not even once feel wary of his touches even when it was dangerously being sexual I don't have a personal experience but I would think that four years was not enough time to recover from sexual abuse to completely be okay of those kind of touches Especially since the way it was shown in the book Lori was traumatized by this So this set of my plot hole warning bells Also there was a time when Parker was about to kiss her but she repelled it because she said she was scared but then a few minutes later she enjoying his touch Erm red flag hide spoiler

  5. CeCe CeCe says:

    25 3 starsLori meets Parker at a speed dating event They click and start dating through the summer On the first day of her senior year in high school Parker walks in as the substitute teacher for Lori's German class This is a studentteacher romance I liked the beginning but then the story lost me I don't understand how Parker and Lori who spent a lot of time together and claimed to like each other a lot and did not discuss that Lori was going to be a senior in high school and that Parker was a teacher Lori is 18 and Parker is 25 Half the book was in flashbacks The flashbacks were about Lori when she was around 14 years old Lori had a situation with her track coach and then something else happens I am not a fan of flashbacks and some of the flashback chapters were as long if not longer than chapters in present tense There was nothing I can pinpoint about the characters that bothered me I just thought their relationship was okay Nothing epic When I thought I would feel the intensity of the situation I was thrown a flashback

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    I went into this book without so much as having read a blurb about it I knew it was a forbidden romance but that was it and having never heard of the author before I wasn't real sure how i would like it As you can see by the 5 stars I was thoroughly impressed Lori was a senior in high school who had endured a really rough road up to this point Her mother younger brother and she had moved to a new town in order to give Lori a fresh start The book bounces back and forth giving flashbacks of the past and the events that take place leading up to the move At first we only know that whatever it was took a toll on her self esteem big time She struggles with thinking she's unworthy of being loved by her family friends or any guy romantically When she meets Parker and decides to take a risk and give him a chance she starts to think that maybe things were turning around and she really did deserve a shot at happiness Those small glimmers of hope were dashed to pieces when they discovered that Parker was working as a substitute teacher for Lori's school She felt like it was karma proving to her that she didn't deserve anything good and right in her lifeIt was painful for both of them to be apart and eventually it was just too much for them and they started seeing one another when they could in secret They fall uickly madly and deeply in love with one another She finds the courage to open up and reveal all of the secrets she's kept about who she is and what she's been through When Parker accepted them all with love and concern only with how he could be there for her she knew what they had was real She had laid herself bare before him and he had accepted her with open arms and heartDespite the purity and innocence of their feelings their relationship was a risk to Parker's career and reputation Everything does work out for them in the end and we get to read about their 'happily ever after' in the epilogue that takes place several years in the future Their story is sweet and happy just the kind we all wish for for ourselvesIt's a daunting task to take on the taboo teacherstudent relationship and write a book that isn't creepy at all This author took that premise and created a beautiful and heartfelt love story Not once did it feel 'wrong' or negative in any way

  7. Michelle Michelle says:

    Lori is starting over with her family in Denver after a rough couple of years in the last place they lived She meets Parker on the side of the road when she has a flat tire and he offers to give her a hand Then they meet again that same evening at a speed dating meet up After everything Lori has been through getting to know and dating Parker is a bright spot in her life He treats her with respect and enjoys her company and they have definite chemistry Some things are too good to be true right?Once Lori starts school it becomes apparent that she and Parker can't see each other any Up until that point Lori had been ready to come clean with all of her personal past because she has a lot to share that reuires unconditional love and acceptance Never mind now though Instead Lori is both confused and hurt and surviving through life again The story cycles back to the events in Lori's past that have changed her and she has been through a lot the kind of things that can change and break people For someone who was a former track star Lori now stays under the radar Although Parker avoids Lori at all costs he still can't completely keep away from her Little does he know that what she needs the most is the exact opposite of how he's behaving But with the current situation can he really cross that line? And when he finds out about her past will he view her any differently? I admired Lori's spirit in standing up for herself and how she handled some extremely difficult situations Parker was both hot and cold but when he wasn't being a complete jerk he was caring attentive and protective There's already plenty going on in this book that I'm glad there wasn't any additional drama added Lori is a likable heroine she didn't let the things that happened to her break her or prevent her from moving forward but she definitely had justifiable insecurities Good storylineI was given a copy in exchange for an honest review

  8. Sabina (Whatsername_reads) Sabina (Whatsername_reads) says:

    I know author personally and Lea is such a sunshine; positive warm and talkative Worthy of Love? is for now my favourite book from her and Lori Parker`s story is full of love and pain simple written but that makes story beautiful and real

  9. Cally Cally says:

    This book is a beautiful story that puts on a rollercoaster of emotions so you may need some tissues at the readyThe pain that the main character goes through and then she manages to come out the other side I absolutely lovedI loved that at the end she finds love was the icing on the cake for this brilliant written bookI read this book in one night as I just couldn't put it down

  10. ❤️Melanie G. ❤️Melanie G. says:

    I really enjoyed this book of growth finding yourself and letting someone into your life The obstacles that are tackled and conuered in this story is what gives these characters strength and courage This book was beautifully written and I would highly recommend

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